WHY Bneato?

At Bneato, we understand that it probably took a lot for you to call. Even though you might be embarrassed about the state of your home or office–we want you to know you’ve come to the right place. We truly enjoy helping folks go through their stuff while creating an environment where your belongings are accesible and organized.

Bneato Rewards Program™ At Bneato, we strongly believe that ongoing maintenance and accountability are key to making any organizing project stick. And one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is to share your ongoing organizing process with friends and family. Once your space is organized, continued success is achieved by daily inspiration, tools and tips that can be easily accessed by you. Because we take satisfaction in your success, we want to make it easy for you to be accountable while rewarding you at the same time. Introducing the Bneato Rewards Program, we took the guesswork out of staying organized and created a way for you to not only save money towards a future session, your chances of staying organized are more likely.

Detailed Shopping Lists We always aim to repurpose containers you already own. But sometimes, new bins and organizing supplies are necessary to complete a project. And while we do offer shopping for products at our hourly rate, we also provide a detailed shopping list for the Do-It-Yourself set. We take measurements and pictures and will follow up via email with shopping links to the best solutions for your space. No extra charge. #Seriously.

Donations Hauling donations can be a chore for our clients so we offer to take away up to 5 bags and/or boxes. We’ll even send you a write-off for your tax records  (No extra charge).

Craigslist Postings Clients often have belongings that they’re willing to part with but because of the items higher value, would like to recoup some of the cost. We will post up to 2 items for our clients and send you a check in the mail. (No extra charge). 

Community Involvement We care about our community. As a proud member of the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce, we believe that if our community thrives–everyone benefits. With a goal to host one big event per year, clients have an opportunity to get in on giving back. Last November, we hosted ‘Bags for Bneato‘: A reusable bag drive which was a huge success!