Vanity Organization

A guest blog by Bneato team member Lauren Mang

So, I have a little OCD when it comes to my vanity. And I might have an obsession for NARS make-up, which I’ve found to be great for my sensitive skin…

The key to my organized vanity is a grid format for the compacts, and that all brushes are arranged by size and category. This also wouldn’t be possible without the sticky, grey, drawer liner (which you can find at The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond or even some grocery/drug stores). Go for a darker liner as the makeup will show up on a lighter or white liner. The sticky grip keeps the brushes and compacts in place, even in mild earthquakes.

If you can’t remember which order you’ve placed your compacts, you can place them upside down so you’re able to read the color combinations listed on the reverse. Or simply place a label on the front of the compact to help you remember. You can take it a step further and place a label UNDER the compact on the liner so you’ll always remember where to put it back.

This way every item has a ‘home’ and you can put it back as soon as you have used it. This is especially helpful for when you need to pack your make-up/brushes for trips. A helpful tip: wash your brushes when you return from a trip before putting them back into the vanity. I’ve had my brushes for 15+ years. If you clean them regularly (once a month) using your regular shampoo, they’ll last you a lifetime.

My OCD has struck again! I’ve just noticed the upside down compact in the upper right corner (of the lower photo)! Must’ve been one of those pesky elves who also like to steal your socks from the laundry bin! It just goes to show that even the most organized people aren’t perfect!


7 thoughts on “Vanity Organization

  1. I know–Lauren has organization down-pat–Let it inspire you and not make you feel bad:)!!

  2. This is beautiful, Nars should use it as an advertisement , you are such a talent.

    I would certainly send business your way if any of my clients relocate to LA

    Thanks for sharing,
    Rose Miller Doylestown Pa, serving, Bucks, Hunterdon , Montgomery counties, along with Philadelphia, and NYC.

  3. I just bought this vanity from It comes with an ugly butterfly stool but it’s easy to recover, put something over it, or inexpensive enough to replace : )

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