“Beth is a revelation! When Beth came to organize my life it was the best afternoon ever. She was super cool and easy to work with. She knew exactly what I wanted and made it happen fast. When she left I had calm in my life knowing that everything was organized and neat.” -Kristin Hanggi

“I can’t imagine having a better experience with an organizer. My paperwork was a mess – I couldn’t find important legal documents related to my elderly parents. Beth listened carefully as I explained my priorities, concerns and associated neuroses, and she patiently and systematically helped me get organized with a new file system. I was so happy and relieved that I asked her to help me tackle my closets, and her help there was also excellent. I highly recommend her.” – Carmel Dagan

“As a Christmas gift this past year, my sister arranged for Beth to help arrange my room. Those three hours turned out to be one of the best gifts I’d ever received, as Beth showed me how to organize–and most importantly, to emotionally detach from stuff I didn’t need to keep. I now have the skill to keep my things in order!” – Ann P., Los Angeles

“Working with Beth set me free! Really, can’t begin to tell you how liberating it felt to not look at stacks of crap, to know where to put my mail, to have my receipts organized, to have my art supplies and office supplies handy and available, my tools, my lifeblood. After only a few sessions with Beth, not just did my place look clean and organized and made me feel like I had my s*!^ together, I had a whole new canvas for my creativity. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Would recommend her to anyone anytime.” – Philip Horváth

“Bneato has transformed how we work on a daily basis. Beth transformed our kitchen, our office and our catering warehouse. The newly organized spaces have made us more productive on every level. We know how well stocked we are and can find everything immediately. Beth worked quickly and more importantly understood all of our strengths and weaknesses to help improve our over all business. And if that were not enough, Beth is completely delightful and I loved hanging out with her! I cannot recommend Bneato more highly and I’d be happy to speak to anyone on her behalf.” – Lisa Feinstein / Provisions Catering

“Beth–Oh the joys you brought us! Thank you again for working your magic in the office and with such sweetness along the way. It was a true pleasure to work with you!” – Marisa Urrutia Gedney / Programs and Volunteer Manager / 826LA

“I love B-Neato! Beth is great. She helped me organize all of my stuff, and now everything’s much easier to find. I’m a big fan, and I could probably use her help again soon.” – Abe Schwartz

“Working with Beth organizing my t-shirt production room has been a very good experience. I was not sure how it would work. I was embarrassed about the mess. I was concerned how she would deal with the mess. Beth never made me feel embarrassed about the mess, and she came in with idea’s I had not thought of and in just two weekends the room looks so much better! Now I can’t wait to finish. I am also seeing what Beth can do with other areas of my business. I highly recommend her and her business. She is a delight to work with!” – Jean Boyle / Trident Communications

“Working with Beth from Bneato has been a life-changing experience for me. I have been frustrated most of my adult life with being disorganized. Owning my own business and being involved in so many activities & organizations, I’ve always seemed to have ongoing projects strewn throughout the house, making me feel overwhelmed and anxious. Even when I took the time to “straighten up,” nothing stayed in its place for long because I lacked a system. That’s where Beth comes in! First of all, she is sweet, kind and non-judgmental. I would have been embarrassed to show anyone else my mess, but she always made me feel comfortable enough to open up. Step by step, she helped me weed out unnecessary items that were cluttering my space, and then she helped me organize and systematize what remained. She helped me with bookshelves, files, my desk and even my closet! She also gave me great time-management ideas to help me stay on top of my busy schedule. I am truly grateful to Beth for making such a big difference in my life.” – Elaine Miller / All About You Wellness BootCamp

“Beth is amazing as she not only helps her clients with their clutter but she also helped us determine what should stay and what should go and how to store efficiently what we wanted to keep, and she also gave us solutions on how to store our business supplies in our new home in a way that wouldn’t clutter it up. She sets our meeting in a 3 hour slot, which makes easier to manage. She will be back next week and we will be working on my filing cabinet. It is an amazing feeling to be able to find your things! Thank you Beth for everything!” -Patricia Missakian

“I was able to relax and have a better perspective of the build up of paperwork in my home office after one session with Bneato, which helped reduce my anxiety and stress about my situation. Afterwards, I was excited to organize and have sinced enjoyed the support as I go through the process.” – Courtney Shane