workstations galore in reese witherspoon’s ojai home


listen, reese probably only comes here to vacay and relax but her interior designer has set her up to have a place to work in every room in the house if need be (even in her children’s bedrooms). variety is the spice of life (or so someone said once) so take a gander at the handful of plausible work zones in mrs. witherspoon’s ojai home…

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do this now

can’t remember if i told you this but i kinda hate scary movies. when i happen to get strong-armed into watching them, they have quite an effect on me; like i have to look behind the shower curtain and close open closet doors before bedtime (for what seems like weeks) before i even myself out again. and it just so happens that the beau loves them. he clutters up our DVR with them, watches them to inspire his writing, even curated his own blu-ray collection. so it’s no surprise that at least once a week when i’m working from bneato nerve central (my office space looks directly into the living room/tv) my ears are overrun with bloodcurdling screams, townspeople running for their lives and the general hullabaloo that’s associated with scary movies. so what does this have to do with classical music? Continue reading