office in a closet

holy hell. this is quite possibly one of the best office-in-a-closet set-ups that i’ve seen. sent to me by my computer guy and spotted over on apartment therapy’s unpluggd, jennifer maximizes the heck out of her closet and repurposes it as her office space. the wallpaper really makes this space sing and going vertical (my all time favorite organizing technique) allows jennifer to store all of her supplies while keeping them accessible and chic. go have a look-see on apt. therapy; there are loads more pics and a resources list to boot.

your camera phone can keep you organized. promise.

how many of you use your camera phones to keep information at your fingertips? if a lightbulb didn’t go off for you just now—no worries. here’s a great tip to get you started; (which i read on unpluggd over the weekend)

use your camera phone to take pics of your favorite to-go menus. it saves paper, saves time looking for them and if you’re at a friends house (or anywhere else for that matter) you are prepped and ready to go.

and if you’re like me, you can never remember what you ordered at that new restaurant. take a picture of the item on the menu so next time, all you have to focus on is what you want to drink (key lime pie martini anyone)?

i also use my camera phone to take a picture of where i leave my car in any parking garage (i always forget so this tool has been quite useful).

how has your camera phone aided you (and your memory in the past)? any tips you’d like to share? let us hear ‘em!

Sneak Peek

It’s not everyday that i’m blown away by someone else’s organizing skills. But man, my managing editor over on ATLA has some serious street cred when it comes to having a neat pad. Here are a handful of photos displaying organized drawers and a file cabinet but you’ll have to head over to his Flickr account and check out the complete set. He also put together a Tech Tour over on Unpluggd where you can read all about it!

(Images: TypeFiend)