off-the-counter spice racks

apologies in advance. it seems that every spice rack pic on the blogosphere looks like it was taken circa 1982 (so i bookended those pics with two of my own to keep you in this decade). as you know, i’m not a cook (but most of my clients are) and one challenge they all have are containing and storing their spices. i personally like to take spices off the counter whenever possible—so without further ado, here are my all time faves…

magnetic stripssssssssssssssss. love these for taking spices off the wall. my only issue is that this set-up requires a little bit of work–BUT they’re so pretty once you have them on display (thanks for the pic, regina)

going vertical with a wire spice rack gets my vote. this bad boy can be hung on the inside of a cabinet door or the interior of your pantry door. the spice stack rack (while a tongue twister) keeps your cooking condiments out of sight but super organized.

i’ve actually never used the pull down spice organizer but i must say i’m intrigued. very intrigued. and one of my go-to solutions for clients is the in-drawer spice rack.

since i rarely use anything but salt, pepper and tapatio, my spice collection is at a bare minimum. so i repurposed a valentine’s day heart caddy back in the day and it serves me and my spices perfectly by keeping them contained.

flickr friday

in the past, i didn’t really cook (unless you count steaming brown rice). but as of late have found myself in the kitchen almost every evening. i know mom–shocking, right?! and even though i wouldn’t know my way around a spice rack without a recipe, i love the idea of storing them in these modern (and magnetic) containers on the side of a fridge. saves countertop space, drawer space (and your sanity when looking for your spices).

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image: auntie clara