single serving brownies

my relationship with dessert has always had its ups and downs. even growing up, the only way my brother and i would eat our veggies was the knowledge that we would be served dessert after every meal. the parental units coined dessert, “after supper” and i can remember fondly quizzing and nagging my mom through each meal asking, “what’s for after supper?” so you can see how i might grow to expect / want something sweet each evening in my adulthood (which can prove to be an issue for me and my rear). in the past, it’s also proved difficult for me to stop at just one which is why my homemade loaf of banana bread never lingers around the house for more than a day or two. but, i recently learned a little secret trick from my friends at no pudge brownie by reading the label, no less…. instead of making the entire box of brownies and being tempted to eat the box in one sitting, you can make just one brownie by following these directions.

image; nathan branch