Cannon Safe got Bneato’d

you guys are not gonna believe what i’ve been working on since March! okay, maybe you will but i keep pinching myself. Cannon Safe called me up right before my big u.s. tour and asked if i’d come out to their headquarters to talk shop (and all things safe). they are known for creating gun safes (and are maxed out with organizers for all things firearm). but they were looking to debut a new sort of safe that appealed to the organized family. so i literally got to rethink (and design) the interior of their safe. i also sourced out the job and had it built to our specifications. the only part i’m not responsible for are the black pockets on the bottom half of the door. not wild about them but hey, it’s a prototype and i’m sure things will change.

picture of the safe at Cannon on the day i delivered the interior. so satisfying to see the project come full circle.

my favorite part—the pull out floor! heavier items are a breeze to take out as you don’t have to reach in—as the floor comes to you!