coming soon!

so last week, i drove down to san diego for napo national conference  and had a b-last! i wrote about it here in my monthly newsletter where i highlighted some rad new efficiency tools and products. i’m continuing to stuff you full of more organizing goodies this week. first up… pliio. but as i said in the title of this post, it’s not available yet (double damn). but to be totally honest, i don’t think i’d ever use this folding tool in a clients home for two reasons. #1 ; that’s a whole lotta upkeep. #2; it can get to be expensive. i would, however, recommend the heck out of this product for your clothes when traveling. the items will be (almost) wrinkle free upon arriving and you can stuff your carry on full and avoid the checked bag fee. follow clare kumar (creator) on facebook and i’ll definitely keep you posted when pliio is available to the public.