5 Things You Need in Your Pantry RIGHT NOW

This cabinet in my kitchen is to the right of my stove. In it, I keep vinegar, oil and cooking spray. There were also some mismatched bowls that I hid because they’re an eyesore and baking supplies. Lately, things were feeling a little crammed so I decided to de-clutter and make new.

1. Food storage containers I picked up a few more storage containers and it’s amazing how much better it looks. Things are easy to find and I can see at a glance what I have. Just make sure to LABEL!!!
2. Shelf Riser I repurposed my shelf riser to store pantry extras and to give the bottom shelf a little more breathing room. I relocated the mismatched bowls to a corner cabinet (which now makes way more sense).
3. Lazy Susan In a small cabinet like this, a lazy susan is magic. MAGIC PEOPLE.
4. Clear Handle Bin This stores my cooking oils which were too tall for the lazy susan and utilized the ‘like with like’ organizing principle. I can pull down the entire container and get out what I need.
5. Label the heck out of EVERYTHING.

kitschy kitchen hooks

spotted the online store, gretel, via stylist this morning and had to take a peek. fell in love with these hooks—not to mention their mantra on all things home,

We do believe in love at first sight (impulse buys), but we don’t believe in excess. Gretel’s collection is carefully curated and uncluttered, so that your home can be too.

now i just have to decide which color i like better… black or white? great hostess gift for the cook in your life (which will pair up nicely with yesterday’s culinary inspired treat).

new use for velcro

you know how kitchen drawer organizers will slide around in the drawer if they’re not the exact same size as the drawer they’re in?! i was working with a client yesterday and she had a fab idea! attach a couple pieces of velcro to the bottom of the drawer divider–which keeps it from moving around when you open the drawer. priceless.


image; *grant*

more spices

this is another spin on using a magnetic strip or square for housing your spices. my friend abby (who is my go-to gal for all things home decor) sent me a pic of her set-up. she writes, “Metal board from Pottery Barn; Spice containers from IKEA (though The Container Store has better ones—these can be challenging to open). Arranged by cuisine: Asian, Indian, French/Italian, Mexican . Jars on stove hold salt and coarse ground pepper and the spice mill’s for the fine pepper option.”

visit abby over on her inspiring blog, beauty in the every day; finding the b.i.t.e. of life

ps; read the march edition of the bneato newsletter right here

off-the-counter spice racks

apologies in advance. it seems that every spice rack pic on the blogosphere looks like it was taken circa 1982 (so i bookended those pics with two of my own to keep you in this decade). as you know, i’m not a cook (but most of my clients are) and one challenge they all have are containing and storing their spices. i personally like to take spices off the counter whenever possible—so without further ado, here are my all time faves…

magnetic stripssssssssssssssss. love these for taking spices off the wall. my only issue is that this set-up requires a little bit of work–BUT they’re so pretty once you have them on display (thanks for the pic, regina)

going vertical with a wire spice rack gets my vote. this bad boy can be hung on the inside of a cabinet door or the interior of your pantry door. the spice stack rack (while a tongue twister) keeps your cooking condiments out of sight but super organized.

i’ve actually never used the pull down spice organizer but i must say i’m intrigued. very intrigued. and one of my go-to solutions for clients is the in-drawer spice rack.

since i rarely use anything but salt, pepper and tapatio, my spice collection is at a bare minimum. so i repurposed a valentine’s day heart caddy back in the day and it serves me and my spices perfectly by keeping them contained.

gotta love metro shelving

i was at my friend alexis’ house saturday night and noticed her super chic and fun metro shelving. because the chrome wiring can make it difficult to store smaller items and fragile glassware, she simply ordered a few pieces of glass cut to fit her shelving units. a quick coat of robins egg blue spray paint and the corner unit skews sophisticated instead of industrial.