floating storage. yes ma’am.

i love love love the way ondine karady solves the challenge of storing items in this small space while leaving room for the essentials. her solution? floating storage. something that most of us probably wouldn’t think to do but once seen in action, it’s something to consider. in this instance, she puts to besta burs wall shelves from IKEA to task. not only do they offer extra storage, their glossy white finish pops from the bright wall which only adds texture and a chic vibe to the space.




holy food styling!

i don’t even recall how i happened upon the work of carl kleiner + evelina bratell but now i want to see more, much more. apparently these pics are from IKEA’s cookbook (IKEA has a cookbook?!). it’s in swedish but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to own it or give it as a gift. the first pic are all the ingredients needed to make the square cookies. how rad is that?! click through to see a “before and after” tart.

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creating storage space on your sloping walls

happy friday and indeed it’s a good one. i’m typing this post from my fancy new wireless keyboard with eager anticipation for this guy to arrive next week. bneato nerve central is getting an upgrade and i promise to share pics once it’s all set up.

so, as i promised, here’s my favorite favorite favorite thing from the 2012 IKEA catalog… the ekby riset for sloping walls. it’s basically a bracket that allows you to hang shelving on a slope. genius. freaking genius. you can now convert that area underneath the stairs from wasted space into something useful. there are also a lot of los angeles closets that are begging to have their sloped walls made right by the ekby riset. i cannot wait to see this in action in a clients home and definitely send me a pic if you have taken advantage of this new invention. would love to see more examples!

*right side of first image from the design file

IKEA catalog inspiration

this week is a big ‘ole love letter to IKEA and there will be more tomorrow with my absolute favorite find from 2012′s catalog (it’s a good one–promise). today, i’m highlighting cool ways that IKEA repurposed their wares to make rooms more organized.

1. fintorp rail repurposed in the kitchen to hang pots and pans + some cooking tools. genius way to maximize that tiny pocket of space in the corner while keeping these unruly instruments accessible. fintorp rail comes in two sizes (the 2 pictured are $9.99 each).

ps; you can make an even longer fintorp rail by connecting 2 of them together using a bracket (oh heck yea).

2 + 3. i usually use hooks to hang coats + other items in the entryway but IKEA stylists put a spin on the old hook and hang a chair and a few violins. it’s a little whimsical and i like it. the catalog doesn’t point it out but i believe they’re using the bjarnum hook found here. it’s either that one or the one that folds up.

4. bless the designers for showing us another way to showcase shoes (affordably). fintorp rail makes an appearance again (this time, for only $7.99 each using the shorter rail).

5. i’m a huge fan of having a proper place to store in-between clothes (and i’m not talking about over the back of a chair or lumped on top of a piece of exercise equipment where nothing is searchable). the stylists step it up a notch and hang a grundtal rail in the closet area (with hooks) as a spot to hang clothes that aren’t quite dirty just yet but you may have worn them once in the past week).


top 12 favorite organizers from 2012 IKEA catalog



okay, so it took me about a week to thumb through the 2012 IKEA catalog… but i’ve finally finished and picked my top 12 favorite organizers (some old, some new) and as a follow up, i’ll be posting a few more IKEA-centric posts later in the week (i promise, i do not get paid by IKEA:). are these products new to you? what are your IKEA favs? shout em out!

1. a plywood box which can hold just about anything. i like that it’s durable, has felt pads on the bottom so it won’t scratch your furniture (respect the wood) and let’s be honest… it’s a good looking box.

2. stackable coffee mugs. mugs can take up prime real-estate in an already cramped kitchen cabinet. save room and banish the themed cat mugs forever.

3. again, a very attractive bowl that can be used to store keys in the entry, your pocket change or jewelry in the boudoir.

4. i can’t get enough of these opaque containers for storing spices. IKEA has more to boot offering different sizes for storing just about anything.

5. this wall pocket adds a pop of color to any room. great for kids to store their goodies or use two for incoming + outgoing mail.

6. drawer dividers rock. IKEA also has this same version but for deep drawers. perfect to use in the kitchen or bedroom.

7. saving space could not be easier with this fold down table. i would use it for extra counter top space in the kitchen.

8. kitchen cabinets can become unruly quick with lids competing for space and getting lost in the shuffle. now, they don’t have to with this lid organizer.

9. another handsome container to corral like items. this one is great because it has handles and comes in red or white.

10. need more workspace? (everyone’s hands just went up). a hutch will keep things in reach while giving you just what you need.

11. in the catalog, they had this fold-down drying rack in the shower. that way, it stays out of view and simply fold it down when not in use.

12. i’m all for using a bankers box to store archival papers that don’t need to take up room in your active work zone. these are too cute to pass up and would make any closet happy.

do this now…

…or whenever you have a moment (or 10). i washed every single curtain in the house last week (including the shower curtain)! it all started when one of our cats decided to use the office curtain as a litter box (thank you very much figaro—NOT). i then made my way into the bedroom and gave those curtains a good tumble in the washer/dryer. next it was the living room curtains followed up by the shower curtain. and while i usually loathe ironing, i don’t seem to mind it one bit when i give myself tons of time, a huge can of spray starch and a spray water bottle. it’s actually quite soothing and feels meditative in a way (akin to gardening or something of the sort). and while i had the living room curtains off their rods, i even hemmed them (i know). but not with a sewing machine (that would be crazy talk), they’re IKEA and came with an iron-on hem. the house looks better and i feel great just knowing that they’re clean and ironed.

mom approved

according to one mom i know, this high chair from IKEA is where it’s at. for only $19 bones (and some change), this baby seat is the easiest thing you’ll ever put together from IKEA (except for the straps–which were fairly easy). a breeze to wipe down and available in red, white or blue–the word on mom street is that IKEA might be taking this item off the floor…

new IKEA catalogue

i flipped through my new IKEA catalogue at a rapid pace but did find these two ideas for home organization and overall awesomeness. 

1. ekby jarpen / ekby bjarnum wall shelf positioned only a few inches off the ground and loaded with 3 nasum baskets. i love this idea for placing outgoing items by the door or for storing items in the mud room. this system keeps things looking neat while being a cinch to put away.
2. ekby alex / ekby valter shelf with drawers. this would be great for a home’s entryway, a home office nook… what else could this be used for?

flickr friday

have i been living under a rock not to have known about IKEA’s rationell line? IKEA says it best, “a series of interior fittings that help make better use of kitchen space.” i couldn’t agree more. since moving, our trash can has been in limbo living everywhere from beside the oven (hate) to in the laundry room (double hate). the perfect spot? underneath the sink. a way to make that option sing? –this product from the rationell line. 

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