hook me up with these!


i have a thing for driftwood. big time. and although i don’t own anything driftwood… yet… i have tons o’ bookmarks with things i’d like in my home that are comprised of this amazing wood. spotted these hooks in anthropolgie yesterday and had to share. they come in a kajillion colors (okay, more like 8-10) but who’s counting?

kitschy kitchen hooks

spotted the online store, gretel, via stylist this morning and had to take a peek. fell in love with these hooks—not to mention their mantra on all things home,

We do believe in love at first sight (impulse buys), but we don’t believe in excess. Gretel’s collection is carefully curated and uncluttered, so that your home can be too.

now i just have to decide which color i like better… black or white? great hostess gift for the cook in your life (which will pair up nicely with yesterday’s culinary inspired treat).

neato: extra long hooks

not sure how i’d survive in a world without hooks—thank god you and i don’t have to. ballard designs has pumped it up a notch and given us what they call, ralston hooks (aka extra deep, really long hooks). i’d use these for heavy book bags and purses in the hallway and to be honest, just about anywhere you need to hang your stuff. but just between you and me, i would steer clear of using the above pic for inspiration. that’s one too many oddly placed hooks in the bedroom, right?!



another cool way to hang artwork

don’t get me started on how they’re storing rubber bands in a glass jar that only children could access. so as we’re ignoring that, let’s take a look at how pottery barn is displaying artwork–with wooden hooks (that look like they could be doorknobs). love this idea! i can also see glass doorknobs being used to hang artwork or interesting hooks that you want to show off. what do you think of this idea? love it or hate it?

flickr friday

if you haven’t already, introduce yourself to command hooks (they’re kinda awesome). some holding up to 5lbs of weight, i’ve used them twice recently to display clients necklaces for easy access. they’re also a great solution for renters as they don’t damage the walls surface and are a cinch to remove. i find mine at the container store and home depot but i’m guessing they probably have them at target as well.

Organizing Hooks… In the Car

So I mentioned on Wednesday that I was taking a road trip to Las Vegas. My friend Ben ended up driving my car to sin city which forced me to sit in the backseat of my own car. If you’ve never sat in the backseat of your vehicle, I recommend it highly. Not only did I get to see my car in a new light (it felt roomy and cozy at the same time) I discovered hooks in the backseat! The trip to and from Vegas was soooo much more comfortable and spacious because Adam and I were able to hook our bags onto the seats in front of us (which created leg room)! I’ll also be able to use the hooks while I’m driving by placing my purse on the hook opposite of me. It will free up space in the front seat when I have a passenger but allow me to access items in my purse. Rock steady.

Hook It Up

It didn’t occur to me to put a hook on the wall until my boyfriend’s overnight bag started driving me crazy. It would always be on the floor and I’d trip over it constantly. So I was at IKEA one day and saw this nifty wooden hook and thought–perfect! Right now it holds my purse, laptop bag, exercise bag, etc. It definitely beats cluttering up my floor and the available horizontal spaces in my room.

Go Vertical

Sometimes a workspace is without drawers. Meaning, your items don’t have a home, so they stay out (and keep the space looking cluttered). What’s a gal to do? Go vertical!

Working with a client today, we used rods and containers from IKEA to display her work tools. Because the door is non-functioning, we put it to work. We used the back of the door instead of wall space because all of the walls are concrete (boo!).

You can also use hanging shoe organizers and over the door hooks to go vertical. Or, if your walls are agreeable and things are easy to hang–use shelving to go vertical.