Back to Basics: Going Vertical

By Melody Mesick


Meet my cabinet. This cabinet was such a problem area because there was so much unused space and it was impossible to see what food items were swimming at the bottom! SO to fix this appalling problem, I applied one of the most basic organizing rules: ALWAYS go vertical!

after_cabinetBy adding these free standing shelves from IKEA to this cabinet space, I tripled the storage space! Look at all that extra room!!

So if you have a big cabinet, shelf or nook that needs some space maximization, here are a few products that can create your very own “before” and “after.”


1. Under Shelf Basket – Tall shelf spaces can leave a huge portion of a cabinet unused! These under-shelf baskets are great for pantries, linen closets, cabinets, etc.


2. Stacking Shelves – Adding some stacking shelving in a large cabinet can help maximize the space if you’re storing smaller items.


3. Stacking Bins - These kinds of stacking bins are great for pantries and under-sink storage. I love that you can stack as tall or short as you need and can see every item inside!


4. Stacking Baskets -  Certain types of baskets and boxes stack so nice and neat. I like these because they’re sturdy and you can see what’s inside. Perfect for any storage space!

What cabinet or shelf are you going vertical in? Share below!

kitschy kitchen hooks

spotted the online store, gretel, via stylist this morning and had to take a peek. fell in love with these hooks—not to mention their mantra on all things home,

We do believe in love at first sight (impulse buys), but we don’t believe in excess. Gretel’s collection is carefully curated and uncluttered, so that your home can be too.

now i just have to decide which color i like better… black or white? great hostess gift for the cook in your life (which will pair up nicely with yesterday’s culinary inspired treat).

DIY-ing your over-the-door shoe organizer

not all doors are created equally—especially in los angels rentals where closets (that house more than 10 hanging garments) are almost nonexistent. i encountered this recently when helping a client move into her new home. since storage space was next to nil, we decided to go vertical and utilize the inside of her closet door for accessory and shoe storage. the challenge? once we placed the hanging shoe rack over the door, the door wouldn’t close. there was literally no extra space at the top of the door. our solution? using the pre-made holes at the top of the shoe organizer, we nailed it to the door as a “new” way to secure it.

wall ironing boards kinda rock

sometimes i find ironing very meditative and soothing. that usually only occurs when i have plenty of time to reflect and focus (similar to gardening). the icing on the cake is when i’m using a can of starch to make things super duper crisp and neat. and while i don’t mind ironing (sometimes) i hate t-leg, double-leg—or any leg for that matter, ironing boards. i go vertical with mine on the front of our bathroom door. it’s in the hallway, right next to a plug, there’s killer bright lighting and once i’m done–the ironing board is tucked away easily. my mom also goes vertical in the laundry with her board—love it!