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old home with bold walls

new home; crisp, white walls
holy moly. how organized and awesome is this crafting zone. rashida (of i heart linen) created this highly efficient work zone for all things crafty. i love how she goes vertical and uses the asker wall organizers from IKEA for crafting supplies. small plastic drawers are perfect for storing larger items but also leaves them super accessible. 

tackle this now

random lids (and one container without a lid–goodbye!)

organize your plastic containers (there’s bound to be a handful without their lid). it will take all of 5-10 minutes (seriously). the bright side? it will save you tons of time when you’re in the kitchen and looking for the right lid. plus, you’ll probably stack them all nicely when you’re done which will look (and feel) wonderful.

flickr friday

you guys remember this ad from citigroup a couple of years ago, right? at the time, i didn’t really cook and i thought–genius idea. i’m all about repurposing a space so it functions for your specific needs.

and yesterday, i spotted this pic on flickr titled, “mediaeater.” it took me right back to the citigroup ad. the photo caption goes on to read, “i re-organize my kitchen to better suit my activities.” rock steady.
second image; jm3

flickr friday… on saturday!

i soooooo wanted to post this yesterday! i’ve been watching a lot of larry king live recently and one of his guests this week was joan rivers. i’m dying to see her documentary but of equal fascination is how joan rivers organizes her jokes! a wall of card cabinet file drawers with labels. the larry king interview only briefly highlighted this (see my transcript below) but i’m curious to know if she still does this. insane and lovely.

starts at the 5:59 minute mark

Larry King: The files you keep

Joan Rivers: Yeah

LK: Jokes

JR: Yeah

LK: [Milton] Berle used to do that

JR: Also Bob Hope. Someone told me that he had a joke room. Isn’t that amazing? You’d walk into a room and there’s nothing but file cabinets and you… balloons?! Got it over here under B! And so I started to keep every joke I could.

flickr friday

first of all, if you haven’t started indulging in online magazines, get to it! this image is from by fryd and the content is really great (easy to breeze through too). my other fave is lonny mag (june/july issue is out now). anywhoodles, i spotted this side table in the “pages” of by fryd and wanted to share. if you aren’t already using open bins and baskets to store stuff–what the heck are you waiting for?! i use open bins for shoes in the closet (unconventional but it works for me). just make sure your bin or open container doesn’t become a catchall. you can prevent it from being a miscellaneous pile by adding a tag with a label.  that way, the whole family is on board and knows what should (and shouldn’t be stored in the bin). i also like how the homeowner in the pic above is utilizing every inch of the side table–storing open containers on both levels.
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flickr friday

if you haven’t already, introduce yourself to command hooks (they’re kinda awesome). some holding up to 5lbs of weight, i’ve used them twice recently to display clients necklaces for easy access. they’re also a great solution for renters as they don’t damage the walls surface and are a cinch to remove. i find mine at the container store and home depot but i’m guessing they probably have them at target as well.

flickr friday

have i been living under a rock not to have known about IKEA’s rationell line? IKEA says it best, “a series of interior fittings that help make better use of kitchen space.” i couldn’t agree more. since moving, our trash can has been in limbo living everywhere from beside the oven (hate) to in the laundry room (double hate). the perfect spot? underneath the sink. a way to make that option sing? –this product from the rationell line. 

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flickr friday

i’m no garden maven (i count myself lucky to keep succulents alive). but i do know a good system when i see one. check out this grand idea–cutting down regular sized file folders to fit perfectly in a small tin. labeled and neat, now the seeds are searchable–which prevents ordering seeds you may already have (raise your hand if you’ve ever done that before)!

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