SXSW–> san francisco–> #NAPO2012

totally recreating this idea--as seen in austin, TX at SXSW!

i was super apprehensive about leaving LA for two whole weeks–not to mention packing for 3 completely different destinations (oy vey). the first leg of my trip had me traveling with my bandmates in a van to austin, TX and at times, i had little access to email and the internet–which threw me for a tailspin. i was hoping to work for the better part of my trip but back roads and staying in the middle of nowhere, USA often left me anxious and that weird feeling of not being connected. and even though work was tricky at times, i ended up having a blast. some highlights: seeing the shins play for free, experiencing the very cool city of austin with thousands of fellow musicians and spending time with my best friends.

being tourists in san francisco

my next journey was leaving on a plane to SFO for the wedding of my beau’s aunt—held at the brazilian room at tilden park (gorgeous)! we then spent the next day with the beau’s parental units in san fran being complete tourists (as seen here on the top of a sightseeing tour bus).

our booth at NAPO 2012 conference

and finally, the last leg of my journey flew me clear across the country to baltimore, MD for the national association of professional organizers 2012 conference. this was my first time as an exhibitor and i had a blast.

me + Erin Doland from Unclutterer fame!

i met everyone from erin doland to the editor of getting organized magazine. even got some face time with my fellow rubbermaid blog squad crew and made new friends that i know will last a lifetime.

Biggest Thing On The To-Do List

I was over on Unclutterer this morning where Erin Doland has announced a freebie (or two) along with the purchase of her new book, “Unclutter Your Life In One Week.”  She mentions, among other things, that writing the book was at the top of her “life to-do list.”  I have a similar list that I call a “Long Term To-Do list.”  It’s for projects that I will need to work on in a few months or future ideas that I want to try out for Bneato…  It helps me to have a “long term to-do list”–that way, these extensive items don’t clutter up my daily to-do list.  It also helps to break the big ticket items down into smaller chunks by putting manageable to-do’s on my daily to do list (when I’m ready to start hammering away on a bigger project).  For instance, one day I’ll be ready to start writing my own book (seriously), and instead of writing (on my daily to-do list) “start writing book” it will say something like, research other books out there or narrow down topic, etc.  

(Image from Unclutterer)