organizing boot camp; a before & after pic

this past saturday we held another organizing boot camp where participants ‘shred or go home.’ this particular class really nailed it and purged tons of old paperwork that had been weighing them down. one student, donna, really rocked my world with her before and after pic of her box of paperwork. she even labeled the pic for me with ‘before & after’—a gal after my own heart. i also recognized that someone with this type of photo skills and the smarts to take pics of her progress probably has a rad blog (and she does). donna waxes poetic on all things food—a subject i’m happy to take pointers on. for starters, she executes a mexican grilled corn side dish that i’ll be experimenting with once summer rolls around. until then, you might find me in south pasadena at pappa rich; donna swears by their warm buns filled with butter. buttahhhhh!! 

ps; our next paper organizing boot camp is saturday, may 7th. sign up to shred or go home!

Organizing Boot Camp: Rescheduled

Hi all. Unfortunately, I’ve had to reschedule this Saturday’s Organizing Boot Camp for Saturday, September 12th (same time and place). My grandfather (who would have been 94 in a couple of weeks, passed away last night). I’ll be flying home to be with family but am looking forward to seeing loved ones. If you signed up for Boot Camp, you’ve already received an email but for those who might have attended last minute–hopefully we’ll see you next month.

(Image from Flickr Member sleepfordays used under Creative Commons License)

Editing Magic

Yay for iMovie! This is the first video that I’ve edited (and it only took half a day:). It debuted in my monthly newsletter that got sent out this morning (sign up here if interested). In the video, I explain what happens in Bneato Organizing Boot Camp. I had so much fun making it and putting it together (the editing is supposed to be willy nilly). The video highlights that organizing can be fun (which is important for me to get across to clients). Oftentimes, the misconception is that filing paperwork is boring but I like to show folks that it doesn’t have to be! Play music, drink some wine (just not too much)! Organizing is not about perfection–it’s about customizing it to fit your lifestyle.


Adam (my beau) says that I celebrate way too much. I can’t help it–I look forward to celebrating the big (and the not so big events in my life). Today I’m celebrating 2 things in particular. The first being this awesome vase big enough for toilet paper rolls that fits perfectly in my newly painted bathroom. I didn’t want to drill holes into the wall for a toilet paper dispenser because the previous one never stayed put (even though I used reinforcements). Plus, who wants to drill holes in a freshly painted wall? It’s been almost a month with no place for the t.p. to land–so yesterday, it was such a pleasure to be able to put the roll somewhere other than the sink’s ledge.

And then this morning, I had an appointment to look at a space to hold Bneato Organizing Boot Camp. I’ve been on the prowl for the perfect spot (location, price, atmosphere) for over 3 months now. So you can imagine my relief when all three qualifications were met after viewing a local space this morning. And now I’m celebrating–with string cheese and Diet Coke!!