closet in a spare bedroom… yes please!


even though this idea is not a reality for most, the pictures are brimming with ideas that can translate into any space. for instance…

  1. a set of hooks to hang jewelry
  2. repurposing a credenza in the bedroom to hold accessories
  3. rolling racks that don’t look like rolling racks will help this usual eyesore blend with your room’s decor
  4. large, full-length mirrors help open up a small space while pulling double duty (you can really see what you look like before leaving the house)
  5. utilizing bins and baskets to store everything from shoes to clutches on a shelf, cubbie or flat surface

images; ballard designs


neato: extra long hooks

not sure how i’d survive in a world without hooks—thank god you and i don’t have to. ballard designs has pumped it up a notch and given us what they call, ralston hooks (aka extra deep, really long hooks). i’d use these for heavy book bags and purses in the hallway and to be honest, just about anywhere you need to hang your stuff. but just between you and me, i would steer clear of using the above pic for inspiration. that’s one too many oddly placed hooks in the bedroom, right?!