maximizing kitchen space via apartment therapy


i’ve been trying to get out from under a major sinus infection since sunday. every time i try and get on the computer to do work, my brain shuts down. but yesterday, i managed to stay on long enough to spot this angelino heights home on apartment therapy, los angeles (my old stomping ground). turns out, i was at this house this summer as it’s right down the street from me. they were having a craft fair which they apparently host twice a year. and while the entire pad is super-duper-rad, i zeroed in on the kitchen where they maximize the heck out of some real estate.

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office in a closet

holy hell. this is quite possibly one of the best office-in-a-closet set-ups that i’ve seen. sent to me by my computer guy and spotted over on apartment therapy’s unpluggd, jennifer maximizes the heck out of her closet and repurposes it as her office space. the wallpaper really makes this space sing and going vertical (my all time favorite organizing technique) allows jennifer to store all of her supplies while keeping them accessible and chic. go have a look-see on apt. therapy; there are loads more pics and a resources list to boot.

Arranging by Color

So yesterday, I was busy prepping my home for a party (which prompted this blog post for Apartment Therapy).  I was mainly curious to know if a majority of individuals are peeking into other folk’s medicine cabinets at parties (apparently they are).  I just checked in on the post and was reading the awesome comments and found this link from a reader.  Eve organizes her large medicine cabinet by color (love).  

Vinyl Decals… + Hooks!

Trolling through the Apartment Therapy archives we found this awesome post highlighting a handful of vinyl decals.  And while there is no shortage of vinyl decals we gravitated towards these particular ones because of their functional nature.  Don’t have room for a coat rack–a hook and a picture will let you (and guests know) where to hang your hat.  These decals are a great solution for small spaces and add a playful vibe to any home.

Mo Mo Motivation!

So I wrote a post today on Apartment Therapy about motivation to organize.  I have ways that I motivate myself but I’m always thrilled when readers open up and tell me their tips and tricks.  You’ll have to read the entire (but short) post here–and don’t forget to read the comments!  For me, the two comments that really rocked were;
  • I find having company is the best motivation to get organized! Plan a party!
  • I have a DVR and love watching “So You Think You Can Dance” which is three-hours per week. During times I want to clean, I don’t fast forward through the commercials but instead clean up around the living room and put things away during the commercial (EVERY commercial). I’m always surprised at how much I can get done in 7 minutes! And if I get too involved in the clean-up I don’t have to rush back to the TV, I can just hit the rewind button. :-)
(Image from Flickr Member moragcasey used with permission under Creative Commons License)

Apartment Therapy; Los Angeles

Wow. It’s been a busy 2008. We’ve traveled quite a bit, helped a bunch of clients get their lives (and paperwork) organized and just secured our first business loan! Whoo hoo. Oh–and we’ve also been freelance blogging for Apartment Therapy for almost 2 months now (such a challenging job but oh, so rewarding!).
The mission of Apartment Therapy is “Helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online.” While I do write about what I think is cool and well designed I love to write about organizing. Whether I’m blogging about an antique mail caddy that has been turned into a shoe organizer or I talk about the 3 best organizing tips that i tell my clients–it’s all in the name of organizing. You can click here to read all of my previous posts on apartment therapy; Los Angeles that relate to organizing and be sure to check back often for more great tips and tricks to help you reach your organizing goals.