playlist for putting your stuff away

well hello boys (aka led zeppelin)… i love your chalkboard aesthetic. while it wasn’t the inspiration for my website pic, i sure do appreciate your likemindedness.

so this weeks playlist comes all the way from NYC by way of my friend sean. he’s cool, he’s smart and he might just be the only lad who loves ‘back to the future’ more than my boyfriend. which makes sense because my beau and sean are besties. anywho, sean is visiting this week and since he lives and breathes music (he’s also a musician) i asked him to contribute to my brand new weekly playlist series. here are his spotify picks:

1. ’Tightrope’ Electric Light Orchestra; “A perfect introduction to any playlist

2. ‘Good Times Bad Times’ Led Zeppelin; “Because every playlist should include Led Zeppelin” (thank you Sean for bringing it to my attention that this linked track is a cover. apparently there are certain artists not on spotify yet… like Metallica, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin).

3. ’Honaloochie Boogie’ Mott the Hoople; “Few songs put me in a better mood

june 29th playlist on spotify curated by Sean

email me ( to have your picks posted and help folks put their stuff away one playlist at a time!



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