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Alexis is one of those people that is usually game for anything—which is great news when you want to do extra silly things…. LIKE DRESS UP AS CHER AND SING ‘DO YOU BELIEVE IN LIFE AFTER LOVE’ IN FRONT OF ALL YOUR FRIENDS AT A HUGE PARTY. this was only a year ago but it also wasn’t the first time we’d masqueraded as ‘Sexy Lexi’ and ‘BBSNX’ aka Baby Snakes. In the mid to late aughts, we dressed up as sexy rappers and did a hip-hop routine to ‘Let’s Talk About S-E-X’ at a friends co-ed bachelorette party (I KNOW). anywho, thank god I can count Alexis as a best friend because this broad is going to be a blast growing old with!

I like to clean.  A lot.  In fact, it’s my favorite alone time activity.  Because I’ve always lived in small places, I’ve learned how important it is to have a place for everything and it feels good when, to quote my dear friend Thom Yorke, “everything’s in its right place.”  The downside of all of this: I’m a messy person!  Not dirty dishes messy, but basically I like to throw my clothes in a pile and I feel like my closet will never be fully organized!! So when it’s time to buckle down and purge, I listen to OLD music.  Yes, I’m in a band with Beth, and yes, I love new music and indie rock.  But more than anything, I love old, fun, familiar music.  And I like it LOUD.”

1. “Right Back Where We Started From” – Maxine Nightingale

This song is impossible not to boogie to.  It’s hard to sing, which guarantees that you’ll sing it loudly and badly, which is half the fun.  It’s also the best of what I think disco has to offer.  I think it’s a great Kitchen Cleaning song – doing the dishes is mindless (as opposed to sorting through all the paperwork in your desk- that takes more concentration.  See my recommendations for that below) and this song begs to be played on repeat.

2. “Home Sweet Home” – Motley Crue

Don’t be alarmed by my love of Motely Crue- I’m a total feminist but I love their bad boy sense of humor.  (I mean, really.  “Girl, don’t go away mad.  Girl, just go away” may be one of the funniest breakup songs ever.)  “Home Sweet Home” is a ballad** that is perfect for crooning while cleaning your own Sweet Home.  This is a good office/organizing tune!

3. “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” – En Vogue

Another song that’s impossible to sing, which makes it addictive while cleaning the house.  Sometimes I put it on repeat and I love En Vogue for cleaning the bedroom.  It makes me think of their cute dresses from the back cover of the cd (which I bought when I was in 6th grade and dreamed of wearing) which then makes me think: Alexis, get your clothes put away NOW!

**A note about rock ballads: everyone needs to go buy a copy of Monster Ballads today.  More Than Words, To Be With You, High Enough- and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  You will never clean to anything else again!

august 24th playlist curated by alexis martin woodall

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