playlist for putting your stuff away

the beau and i were catching up on an episode of ‘unsung‘ this past week. if you haven’t had the opportunity to check this show out—you must. from their wiki page they describe it as this,

“the series uncovers the stories behind once well-known R&B and soul music artists, bands or groups who exploded onto the Billboard music charts with a string of hits, only to have their career derailed by a major crisis that cause them to be essentially unappreciated by later generations of general Contemporary R&B listeners. Subjects profiled also include acts who were major and influential in the prime of their career, but a change in the interest of the music industry towards the act caused a steep decline in success.”

anywho, this past week’s unsung group was arrested development. how could i have forgotten about arrested development?!! and if they fell off the map for me, i’m guessing you forgot about their existence too. so i took it upon myself to put together a little playlist of songs you probably forgot about but that you probably enjoyed way-back-when.

1. Arrested Development, ‘Tennessee’;

2. P.M Dawn, ‘Set Adrift on Memory Bliss’

3. Rusted Root, ‘Send Me On My Way’

august 17th playlist curated by Beth Z (aka Bneato)

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