playlist for putting your stuff away

This weeks playlist is from my friend Melissa. She’s one of those gals that picks up new tasks and makes them seem effortless–and she’s witty as heck to boot. her newest foray into drumming is solid and lucky for me, we’re also bandmates (her regular gig is playing bass). and i always look forward to shows when in between songs, she always has something interesting to say. Needless to say, I’m a big ‘ole fan of Melissa’s and she scored major points when she decided to get married this October… in VEGAS. Yea, she’s pretty cool.

“When it comes to making a playlist for cleaning the house, I know that some people tend to indulge in snappy pop songs or what have you. I just can’t get into that. But fear not – even if your tastes skew a little darker, you still have upbeat options!”

1. Rob Zombie – “Living Dead Girl” You have to have something loud and obnoxious to get you going. If I put on something too relaxing or mellow, or even something that’s attention-grabbing because it’s musically or lyrically complex or involving, I find that I’ll just want to sit down, put my feet up and listen. Rob Zombie is my idea of “house cleaning music.” I’ve heard him described as “disco metal,” which I think was intended as an insult, but I actually love how comically ghoulish his music is.

2. Nicki Minaj – “Did It On ‘Em”

You’ve been cleaning for a while, and you’re totally owning it, right?! You’ve purged like 20 items from your closet, or you’re scrubbing the hell out of your tub, or you actually threw out that stack of magazines – whatever. You’re feeling victorious and it’s time to “put your number twos in the air” and reward yourself with a little Nicki Minaj. I love Nicki because she’s fun and I actually think she’s super subversive and feminist, because her rapping is just as boastful as any dude’s but she’s so over-the-top girlie that it borders on parody. This song is one of the best for cleaning because the rhymes are dirty. Put it on and scrub your toilet, yo!

3. Cocteau Twins – “Musette and Drums”

Not too long ago, I discovered that I love two things, especially in conjunction with one another: Espresso and the Cocteau Twins. If you need an extra “kick” to get going on your cleaning/organizing tasks, I recommend throwing back a double shot of espresso and putting on the Cocteau Twins’ second album, Head Over Heels. You’ll feel like you’re cleaning on a CLOUD in OUTER SPACE with RAINBOWS SHOOTING OUT OF YOUR FINGERS!!! Okay, maybe I need to cool it on the caffeine, but I still think this is the perfect song to wrap it up. Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals are powerful and disorienting (like, What is she saying? Is she singing in English?) and Robin Guthrie’s guitar work is the best. Usually I’m very bass and/or drum-oriented, but there is a guitar solo toward the end of this song that sounds like a spaceship lifting off, and even I’m like, “Whoa. This dude can play.”

August 10th playlist curated by Melissa P.

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