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oh snap, is it friday already?! and to that i say, yes, yes it is. and i’ve been meaning to ask this little lady to curate a friday playlist since the series stared but figured she was probably too busy (guess what, she’s not:). this LL i speak of happens to be the younger sister to one of my best friends. and her name. wait for it. is adele. she actually designed the first ever bneato business card (back then the biz went by just ‘neato’). anyhow, adele is super duper cool, knows more about music than most of my friends combined and works with cute celebs (best job ever). without further ado, i give you adele’s curated playlist!

“Cleaning my house is probably my absolute least favorite activity in the whole world (not to be dramatic or anything), so the music I play has to make me move…off my a** and into cleaning mode.At my house, I don’t have a TV, surround sound, an iPod, or anything truly of this decade, so I depend mostly on my record player. I have records from back in the day up to now, so don’t be surprised at a couple of the picks.”

1. “Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won’t Do)” by Creedence Clearwater Revival – This song is made by badasses for badasses. John Fogerty can do absolutely no wrong with his throaty voice to his complex guitar riffs. It makes me want to use my hairbrush as a microphone, and then put it neatly away.

2. “How Deep is Your Love” by The Rapture – You know The Rapture, they have that amazing opening song for the TV show Misfits? Well, this song is a bit lighter and more fun. Basically, I can’t help but dance around in a t-shirt and underwear while I’m spraying Windex on the bathroom mirror.

3. “Knee-High Boogie Blues” by Richard Swift – You may know him as the keyboardist from The Shins, but before he became a megastar, Richard Swift used to play shows in LA. I met him through my sister’s friend at a show of his at the Tangier, and I thought he was magical. Most of his old music is sweet, beautiful, and deep. He went a little out of his element with the album “Richard Swift as Onasis I & II” in that he used dirty guitar riffs, microphone distortion, and a lot more attitude.

**Just about everything by Richards Swift is on Spotify…. except for ‘Knee-High Boogie Blues’ but the link above will take you to the video!. Track #3 on the Spotify playlist is “Atlantic Ocean” also by Richard Swift.

august 3rd playlist curated by adele martin

got a playlist you’d love to share? email it to ( to have your picks posted and help folks put their stuff away one playlist at a time!





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