playlist for putting your stuff away

autolux is one of those bands that holds a special place in my heart. i listened to their album, ‘future perfect’ on repeat when i was training for the 2008 LB marathon. friends would see me night and day running around the silver lake reservoir with my infamous pink visor on. from the outside, it seemed like pure torture but it was those tried and true playlists that really got me through the training. so it’s no surprise that my friend and bandmate, heather, chose ‘turnstile blues’ as one of her cleaning go-to’s.

“I have to get super motivated to clean/put stuff away. Usually it’s when we are planning on having company…so one large iced latte and the perfect record give me the jump start I need. I like to start with a song I can sing a long to, here are the top 3 songs from three of the records that get me through the task.”

1. Turnstile Blues by Autolux, such a catchy great song that represents an awesome and fun record to begin my cleaning playlist with.

**unfortunately, this song is not on spotify (insert major sad face). instead, i’ve linked to one of their songs off of their album, ‘transit transit.’ do yourself a favor and listen to it here.

2. Mean Spirits by Silversun Pickups.  Their new record has been in heavy rotation and this song in particular gives me energy to power through.

3. No Future/No Past by Cloud Nothings is one of my favorite new records from this year. The repetitiveness of this song is so good to zone out to and reach the finish line…….make a cocktail, sit on the couch, and enjoy your clean and tidy space!

july 20th playlist curated by heather heywood

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