playlist for putting your stuff away

i know everyone is hatin’ on this humid weather but i kinda love it. it’s muggy and all drizzly and it reminds me of SC summers. now if we could just get some thunder and lightening up in here, i’d be set! anywho, i hope you guys have some fun plans this weekend but don’t forget to leave 15 minutes to put your stuff away. use abby’s playlist to get you in the mood–it’s pretty darn upbeat and i’m so stoked that she agreed to contribute. get curious about abby and mosey over to her blog. she’s also an in-house writer for apartment therapy, los angeles (major street cred). when she’s not wowing us with the top posts of the week, she’s waxing poetic on just about anything you can imagine!

“When Beth asked me to curate a playlist, my first feeling was: It’s summer!  Cleaning?  Really?  Not what I feel like doing.  What I do I feel like doing:  playing in the garden, splashing in the pool, reading in the sun, napping on the beach, jumping on a plane, or mixing up a pitcherful of drinks to share with friends.  My mood is fun and silly and I want my playlist to be equally breezy, perhaps even slightly cheesy, and as sparkling new as I’d love my house to feel. These songs are danceable and light with room for hamming it up, tapping your inner rock star and jumping around. Oh, and cleaning.”  

1. Let’s Go by Matt & Kim — This tune from the Brooklyn-based duos latest album is catchy with plenty of “oohs” so you can sing along even if you don’t know the words.

2. On The Road by Keane — You can’t help but jump around to this poppy tune.  Take a moment to listen to the lyrics; there’s an uplifting message that is empowering, even without the contagious beat.

3. The Only Place by Best Coast — This one reminds me of The GoGos, the girl verison of a Califonia beach band, and being young and bikini’d and golden and carefree.  And it celebrates my adopted state, a nice bonus.

4. We Found Love In A Lonely Place by Rihanna — You have to end on a big dramatic flourish and this Rihanna song is that.  Corny and cheesy and perfect for practicing your vocals.  That this is from the soundtrack to Magic Mike doesn’t hurt.

july 13th playlist curated by Abby

got a playlist you’d love to share? email it to ( to have your picks posted and help folks put their stuff away one playlist at a time!

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