playlist for putting your stuff away

on the one hand, i’m super happy to have the house ALL TO MYSELF but on the other hand, ugh—the beau is in tokyo! oh well, i can feel one with him while putting my stuff away by listening to this weeks playlist. curated by my one and only, ‘ap’ aka ‘the beau.’

My playlist has an ’80′s movie montage theme– which is (admittedly) partially due to me being a diehard fan of these types of sequences. But ignoring my personal bias, a well-played montage will usually escort a character (or characters) from a low point to one of triumph– and the music that accompanies these moments is almost always fast-paced and encouraging. What better to get you to tackle challenges or chores that you’ve been putting off?

1. “One Foot In Front Of The Other” by Bone Symphony – The soundtrack to one (of many) standout moments from “Revenge of the Nerds,” this “can do” tune is what’s heard as Gilbert, Lewis and the gang turn a dilapidated fixer-upper into their dream home. The message is simple and clear: the road to triumph begins with one step.

2. “Number One” by Chas Jankel — From “Real Genius,” a near-to-my-heart personal fave. Try and listen to this one and not do something proactive. Go ahead. I challenge you.

3. “You’re The Best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito – Nothing like a little motivation by way of the Karate Kid soundtrack. This song plays over the final tournament montage– and anything that accompanies Daniel Larusso fighting his way to the winner’s circle should at the very least inspire me to fold some laundry.

july 6th playlist curated by AP

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