playlist for putting your stuff away

I was introduced to Courtney by my beau—they studied at AFI together back in the day and lucky for me, still kept in touch. My gal pals fell hard for Courtney and even more so after she directed my girl band in this rad video. But nothing beats face time with her during our weekly Big Brother Fantasy meet-ups at her cozy pad where we all wax poetic on things like HOH and what Julie Chen’s hair is up to!

I’m going to go with the ladies on these picks.  To get in cleaning mode I need upbeat songs that make me want to move and let’s be real, great female singers do it right.  Plus, when I’m singing these dangerously high-pitched songs alone in my house I get the totally absurd idea that maybe, just maybe, I CAN do one of these at karaoke next time…and that makes me happy…until I actually do it.

1. “Feeling Without Touching” – Glass Candy—You cannot listen to this song and not want to shimmy your hips…so you might as well do it while wielding a feather duster.

2. “Give Him a Great Big Kiss” – The Shangri-Las—“You best believe I’m in love…L-U-V.”  Luv it…feels like I have friends over gossiping with me while I’m cleaning.

3. “Barracuda” – Heart—I can do just about anything with Heart as my soundtrack…maybe even attack that ever growing stack of unread magazines.

august 31st playlist curated by courtney

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