Medicine Cabinet Makeover

A guest blog post by Bneato team member Lauren Mang

I’m going to be honest, when I moved into my adorable little cottage I loved that everything had just been redone: new carpet, new tile in the bathroom, new cabinets, etc. The only thing that seemed ‘old’ was the creaky medicine cabinet with a rusty mirror, prominently displayed in the bathroom. It has always seemed like an eye-sore to me, but I had no idea how to make it look better. At least no one really goes into my medicine cabinet, I would rationalize.

I remember coming across a post on the Bneato Blog on making over your medicine cabinet using a decorative paper and some cork board. I thought it was genius – and a simple, affordable way to jazz up a tired cabinet!

I found a fun polka-dot paper (a favorite print of mine, which also happens to be very ‘in’ this season) at Paper Source. I’m obsessed with Paper Source! They sell paper by the sheet so I didn’t have to buy a whole roll, and they had a great selection of papers to choose from. You can also find an array of decorative papers at Papyrus, Michaels or any arts & craft store. I found the mini cork boards in packs of four at Staples.

After measuring the paper, I cut and installed it using double-stick tape. The mini cork boards come with small, square, sticky tabs that you then adhere to the cabinet door. This allowed me to pin up ideas for make up or styles I want to try, as well as a place to put all those free samples!

Now I find myself going into my cabinet just to admire it. I love how fresh and modern it looks, and I won’t be embarrassed if anyone takes a sneak peak!


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