maximizing kitchen space via apartment therapy


i’ve been trying to get out from under a major sinus infection since sunday. every time i try and get on the computer to do work, my brain shuts down. but yesterday, i managed to stay on long enough to spot this angelino heights home on apartment therapy, los angeles (my old stomping ground). turns out, i was at this house this summer as it’s right down the street from me. they were having a craft fair which they apparently host twice a year. and while the entire pad is super-duper-rad, i zeroed in on the kitchen where they maximize the heck out of some real estate.

an ikea shelf displays cast iron pots and pans while freeing up the cupboards for stuff that isn’t as display-worthy. mugs are also kept within reach for easy access when the water boils for tea right below.


i’m in lurve with the pantry and all of the wicker + glass storage ideas. and while wicker isn’t the first thing i gravitate towards (storage-wise) it really seems to work in this home. one thing i would do… label the wicker with these metal tags—which i picked up recently and LOVE!


**images: Marcia Prentice for apartment therapy, los angeles





One thought on “maximizing kitchen space via apartment therapy

  1. i am so jealous of all those jars. my grains have been piling in their plastic grocery bags in the cabinet for months now. I need to be more mindful of saving my glass jars.

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