you know how sometimes you can be in complete denial of something? for instance, because i’ve never had a cavity in my 33 years of existence, this fact has lead me to believe that i’ll never get one (even if i don’t floss). i know. this is absurd thinking. complete ridiculousness…why am i talking about my dental health and hygiene? i went to the dentist on monday after an obscenely long absence. how long? well, let’s just say that my file had been archived. archived people! but even then, i was like, there’s no way i have a cavity. and while i didn’t have to endure the pain of a drill, let’s just say that i was given a big ‘ole warning and a lecture from Dr. Cho. (i felt like i was 7). i was given strict instructions. floss or bust. so when i got home on monday, i decided that i needed a little helping hand of accountability in the form of a label. and i’m happy to report i’ve flossed both morning and night—now i just need to keep it up.

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