Jenn’s Organized Closet

Hello Beth-

I did my closet this weekend and it was GREAT!
Your suggestions were wonderful and made it easy to accomplish. I used the bed as you noted, it is a great space to be able to rummage through the piles easily without getting up and down off the floor. I also used bins like you suggested… I now have enough room to fit my HUGE yoga ball and ALL my exercise stuff and clothes ALL in the closet. WOW! I spent under $30.00 for the neat stripped bins, hanger and curtains (garage sale find) and a new upright clothes hamper. I utilized the shoe rack and shelves that I already had but arranged them in a better way to fit within the closet nicely. The best thing was that I found clothes that I love and have not worn in a long time because they were too hidden and now they are out and easily accessible to wear. I also found clothes that I tried on and NOW they fit…. Thanks to All About You Exercise Boot Camp! In total, I got rid of 4 bags of clothes and shoes etc. from my closet. 
It is such a difference without the cluttered look and it is calming and peaceful in my bedroom now! 

P.S.; I wanted to say that I also went to the web for images of organized closets for inspiration–it made it so much fun to get started!

Thank you Beth so much!

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