in over my head

my accounting for non-accountants class started last night. oy vey. i am so confused. i’m hoping it starts making sense this evening when i go back (i have 2 more nights of this @ 4 hrs a class) double damn. for me, it’s like learning a foreign language (or at least learning the grammar part). i know i just have to stick with it and ask questions and study because next up—quickbooks for dummies (all-day-class next saturday). wtf.

5 thoughts on “in over my head

  1. All I had to do was see this picture and know exactly what you are talking about. I had to take an accounting class (I am not in an accounting field but needed it to analyze financial trends) and I feel for pain. Trust me, it will come together, slowly but surely. And you said it perfectly, it is like learning a new language. Hang in there!

  2. It makes a lot more sense when you put in the numbers and follow the flow of transactions. You can do it!

  3. Thanks Emilina and Lyn for the support and kind words:) I was taking the class because it was a pre-requisite for an all day Quickbooks class (and I’m not sure that I came away with much–other than being totally confused). I may just hire someone to teach me quickbooks one-on-one:)

  4. Oh goodness. No wonder you’re having trouble wrapping your head around it. Those are pretty ancient notes. I’m a second year accounting major, so if you would like some notes that are a little bit more current, let me know!

  5. thanks Amy! i ended up just having a friend who is well versed at quickbooks teach me the ropes:) things are going much better!

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