i couldn’t take it anymore

so i’ve been documenting my closet cleanse project (deets found here) over on flickr and last week around day 90, i found myself in a world of mess. i was knee deep in a painting project and things were strewn everywhere. the kitchen was so chaotic that i needed some something to make the disorganization feel sane. it’s also important to note that in the weeks prior to this moment, i had been wanting to purge my closet. since chronicling my outfits daily, it is quite obvious that i wear the same thing all the time. so with this knowledge combined with the need to feel orderly asap, i tore through my closet with ease. tossing garments that i’ve kept for no other reason than; i might wear them someday. and holy crap—i feel so much better!

2 thoughts on “i couldn’t take it anymore

  1. you know if i chronicled my outfits daily and purged based on that, I’d have a closetful of sweatpants. congratulations on your closet cleanse!!

  2. I love this idea! I sort of did the opposite yesterday. After purging some items I knew I didn’t want, I was left with the items I knew I wanted but hardly wore. I determined that I didn’t wear them because I don’t LOVE they way they look on me. I realized I wasn’t wearing them in the most flattering clothing combinations. So I quickly matched each and every item up with something that it looked good with at that moment. Even came up with lots of layering combinations. I took a quick photo of each of these combinations so I can post the photos on my wall and instantly know what to wear. It made getting dressed this morning so much fun!!

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