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Super stoked to have a guest post by my new friend Leigh. She’s a closet consultant which means she can help you shop your wardrobe (something i’ve always needed help with)! Check out her blog for inspiration–loads there and ask her a wardrobe related question… she’s here to help!

Organizing hasn’t always been a therapy for me. Like many children, tidying of any sort was engrained in my mind running parallel with homework, walking the dog, and visiting family members above the age of 18. “This will shape you into a better person,” mom said.  “You’ll see.” And while I know sometimes she said it just to see my eyes roll, she was right. After years of being asked to put away, clean, tidy, stack up, unload, and gather, I began to find some peace in these tasks.  And upon their completion, my expectations of exhaustion were shattered by the drive and energy to put a straight line through the next task on my to-do list  with my favorite purple Milky Pen.

After I began organization and styling consultations with my retail customers one year ago, I knew I was not alone. I brought order to my clients’ closets and later found they were clear to accomplish more. I wondered what exactly was lighting the fire under our butts. Momentum? Endorphins? OCD?  

Why does the act of organization kick up our dormant enthusiasm for achieving our goals?

According to Sally Augustin, Ph.D and blogger for Psychology Today, we can attribute the mental cleanse we experience post-organization, in part, to evolution. During our less developed years of human existence, we found it far easier to survey an orderly environment for predators, she said. In other words, an orderly space was more conducive to putting our guards down, kicking our feet up, and whittling our 351st stick doll from a piece of bark. “Each time we review a space, our eyes ‘catch’ on each item there, so clutter is also stressful because it takes us longer to complete an ‘environmental sweep,’” Augustin said.

Perhaps with science in mind, we can discern the clutter itself as our modern day predator, standing in the way of our optical sweeps and therefore, keeping us tightly wound and distracted. And even if it lurks behind closed doors, drawers, or even above the floors (Hi, I’m Dr. Suess), you know it’s there every time you step into your home. So throw on one of Bneato’s playlists and start clearing the clutter to make way for personal growth and achievements! Because hey, metaphorically speaking, we all have a lot of whittling to do.

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