flickr friday…

you’re right, this pic isn’t from flickr (it’s from this source). i spent all day yesterday creating this exact sort of system for a client (and her 30 + pairs of boots. if you’ve ever seen the boot boxes from the container store (they’re clear but kinda muddy clear). since you can’t exactly tell what you’re looking at, use a label or better yet–take pics!

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2 thoughts on “flickr friday…

  1. Hmmm I was just gonna buy a bunch of those clear boxes from the Container Store. Are there others your recommend that are more clear?

  2. it depends on which one you get. the clear shoe drawers are totally transparent (but the boot boxes are a little less clear). but honestly, if you're stacking them, it's hard to tell by looking at them head on what they are (unless you are only using a couple) and then you'll know them by memory. does that info help?

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