How does your organizing process work?

We’ll first schedule a complimentary phone consult which lasts anywhere from 15-45 minutes to discuss your organizing challenge(s). We’ll ask lots of questions to determine which organizer you’ll fit best with and come up with a plan of action to start your organizing project(s). Once Bneato is hired, we’ll schedule a first appointment to work at your home or office space. We bring all the supplies needed to get started (including but not limited to; label makers, boxes to create temporary homes, trash bags, sorting bins, sharpies and post-its). After our first session of working with a client we’ll create a shopping list (if need be) which includes taking pictures and measuring of any space that requires bins and containers. at Bneato, we also love keeping the client accountable by assigning homework and scheduling iChat check-ins between sessions for optimum results.

How long will it take to get organized?

It depends on the size of the space, the goals of the client and how fast you’re able to make decisions–we’re comfortable working at any speed. When projects need to move at an accelerated pace (for budget and time constraints or because of the huge scope of the project) we will suggest bringing organizing assistant(s) on board to meet your challenges.

I can’t afford traditional organizing services; Do you offer workshops where I can learn how to get (and stay organized)?

Bneato understands that it’s just not in everyone’s budget to hire a professional organizing service. We also know that it can be intimidating and fear-inducing to have someone to come to your home (a home that you may feel self-conscious about inviting people into). Enter ‘No Mess, No Stress Organizing Boot Camp‘ where participants learn how to process paperwork, create filing systems and clear their paper clutter once and for all.

**NEW! Email De-cluttering and Going Paperless (Grab a couple friends and have Bneato come over to help you get your email and paperwork in order for good). Group rates available.

I love reading organizing tips and seeing neat spaces which help keep me inspired while I’m trying to get organized–do you have anything like that?

We’re all for sharing organizing content that we create (and there’s plenty of it). For starters, you can find daily tips on the Bneato Facebook Fan Page, Bneato Twitter and the Bneato Blog. You can also find Beth from Bneato on Fab and Pop Sugar TV where she organizes a closet and whips a bathroom into shape. We also contribute to Buttoned Up, Tight Bod With a Pod + numerous other places on the web. And of course, every month, we send out the Bneato Newsletter to our registered list.