fridge frontal

a lot of folks use the front of their fridge as an extension of their walls to display family photos; grandma’s 80th birthday, the kids artwork and souvenirs from last years vacay. all fine—promise. but what happens when your 40% home depot coupon goes missing on the exact same day your rod stewart tix came in the mail but never made it to your desk?! you’ll probably want to throw in the towel but i’d like to suggest you reconsidering how you use the exterior of your fridge… Continue reading

dead batteries

everyone knows it’s a big no-no to throw batteries into the trash can (well, almost everyone). and my best guess as to how a dead battery (or two) ended up in our “good battery container” is that someone (the beau) put it there. knowing full well that dead batteries don’t go in the trash but also not having a proper home for dead batteries to lay in waiting until they go to the safe center—he made an error in judgement and tossed the old battery into the battery pile (using the like with like organizing principle). unfortunately they are now no longer as similar as they once were; as one (or two) are kaput and the rest bring my label makers to life. solution? grab a sharpie and write ‘dead’ on your old batteries. what’s that? you don’t own a sharpie? i can’t imagine. okay, any permanent marker will do. i would even boldly suggest that you mark up dead batteries even if they have a separate place to live from your ‘new batteries.’ that way, there will never, ever be a question to whether or not the battery works—you’ll just know (and how rare is that in life).

the s.a.f.e. center rocks

what is the s.a.f.e. center you ask? it’s an acronym for Solvents/Automotive/Flammables/Electronics (duh:). the s.a.f.e. center takes these hazardous waste items and recycles/disposes of them. i took a back log of cell phones, wires, cds and the like last saturday and it was kinda awesome. you drive down this long driveway where a very nice woman greets you. she asks you a few questions about the items you have in your car and then she directs you further down the driveway. you’ll next see a sign that says, “turn here” and then you arrive. the experience felt similar to pulling through a drive through (only here the folks are doing major goodness for the environment as opposed to getting you to pay more $ for a extra value meal). follow this link for the s.a.f.e. center in your area + dates and times. also, they allow up to 150 lbs of stuff per trip (rock steady).

ps; the closet cleanse continues on flickr; days 17-20 are locked and loaded