floating storage. yes ma’am.

i love love love the way ondine karady solves the challenge of storing items in this small space while leaving room for the essentials. her solution? floating storage. something that most of us probably wouldn’t think to do but once seen in action, it’s something to consider. in this instance, she puts to besta burs wall shelves from IKEA to task. not only do they offer extra storage, their glossy white finish pops from the bright wall which only adds texture and a chic vibe to the space.




bneato meet bento

earlier this year at the napo conference in san diego, us organizers were introduced to rubbermaid’s newest product…. bento. only prob is that we couldn’t blog about it at the time because it wasn’t available to consumers. but guess whaaaaaat? it is now! bento is suweeet on so many levels but first and foremost, it’s the cool kid on the block because of the collapsable partitions. click through to see what i’m talking about…

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storing and displaying firewood

i know… just yesterday it was halloween and now i’m talking about firewood. i can’t help it! but part of the east coast did just get dumped with their first snowfall—so therrrrrrrrrr. anywho, i wish i had firewood to worry about stacking and displaying. here’s how the crate and barrel pretend home in the catalog deals with it. a wooden box built out of the wall. rad. and since i was home working on halloween i decided that i’d round up 4 more ideas for your viewing pleasure…. Continue reading

neato: extra long hooks

not sure how i’d survive in a world without hooks—thank god you and i don’t have to. ballard designs has pumped it up a notch and given us what they call, ralston hooks (aka extra deep, really long hooks). i’d use these for heavy book bags and purses in the hallway and to be honest, just about anywhere you need to hang your stuff. but just between you and me, i would steer clear of using the above pic for inspiration. that’s one too many oddly placed hooks in the bedroom, right?!



curtain help via twig & thistle

i wouldn’t say i’m a control freak in my house but i know that the beau would disagree… so i can totally relate to wanting to have a way to control your curtains if they tend to act up and move around on their own. kathleen over at twig and thistle (my new favorite spot for inspiration) had the ingenious idea to use teeny but bold magnets on her curtain rods. #whydidn’tithinkofthat?!









lose it!

i was helping a client unpack her apartment last week when we started talking all things diet (we were organizing and arranging the closet so it was extremely relevant, of course). she mentioned that she was using this iPhone app called lose it! (love). when i’m not doing the weirdest diet on the planet, i’m usually calorie counting to some extent so i was elated to hear about this cool tool. unfortunately i’m a blackberry user so the app won’t work for me—but that won’t stop me from sharing it with you guys. i do, however, own an iPad—and that platform will work for lose it! it just won’t be as portable but it’ll do the job. want more of a selection? there are plenty more to pick from in this blog post roundup.

greeting cards made from vintage wool sweaters. killer.

how cool is this card made from vintage wool sweaters? and no, i’m not suggesting you DIY your own stationary (no one has time for that)! a fellow named brian over at paperworks studio sent me a package of recycled cards last week. at first i was skeptical. would the cards be wonky and ill-made? evidently not. the edges are perfect and the paper is thick to boot. furthermore, the consistency of the card is just irregular enough to look like it’s made from something but not too home-grown where it looks like i could have made it. check ‘em out here. i also really dig the ones made from vintage denim.

updating a mirror


this weekend i happened upon shanna murray’s etsy page and landed on her one-of-a-kind vinyl decals. there are some for regular walls, chalkboard paint and mirrors (featured above). i love the whimsical quality to these and how they instantly take a mirror from blah to bneato. check out her shop for more fun finds and a how-to on applying all these lovely items.

holy food styling!

i don’t even recall how i happened upon the work of carl kleiner + evelina bratell but now i want to see more, much more. apparently these pics are from IKEA’s cookbook (IKEA has a cookbook?!). it’s in swedish but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to own it or give it as a gift. the first pic are all the ingredients needed to make the square cookies. how rad is that?! click through to see a “before and after” tart.

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creating storage space on your sloping walls

happy friday and indeed it’s a good one. i’m typing this post from my fancy new wireless keyboard with eager anticipation for this guy to arrive next week. bneato nerve central is getting an upgrade and i promise to share pics once it’s all set up.

so, as i promised, here’s my favorite favorite favorite thing from the 2012 IKEA catalog… the ekby riset for sloping walls. it’s basically a bracket that allows you to hang shelving on a slope. genius. freaking genius. you can now convert that area underneath the stairs from wasted space into something useful. there are also a lot of los angeles closets that are begging to have their sloped walls made right by the ekby riset. i cannot wait to see this in action in a clients home and definitely send me a pic if you have taken advantage of this new invention. would love to see more examples!

*right side of first image from the design file