Medicine Cabinet Makeover

A guest blog post by Bneato team member Lauren Mang

I’m going to be honest, when I moved into my adorable little cottage I loved that everything had just been redone: new carpet, new tile in the bathroom, new cabinets, etc. The only thing that seemed ‘old’ was the creaky medicine cabinet with a rusty mirror, prominently displayed in the bathroom. It has always seemed like an eye-sore to me, but I had no idea how to make it look better. At least no one really goes into my medicine cabinet, I would rationalize.

I remember coming across a post on the Bneato Blog on making over your medicine cabinet using a decorative paper and some cork board. I thought it was genius – and a simple, affordable way to jazz up a tired cabinet! Continue reading

damien hirst


was flipping through my latest copy of vanity fair on the plane back from miami on saturday and spotted ‘eight over eight’ by damien hirst (2nd image above). it was so organizationally sound and pleasing to the eye that i knew i had to look him up. even though i had heard of mr. hirst before, i wasn’t familiar with his art. and while there’s more than meets the eye in his work, i appreciate the objects and their supreme order.

the tiniest emergency kit. like ever.

was at alexis’ house yesterday prepping and primping for the FOX post-emmy party yesterday and spotted the tiniest emergency kit ever. called ‘minimergency‘ from pinch it has a tampon, a bandaid and everything in between. if you go to the pinch website, they also have additional emergency kits for men, bridal parties and more. my favorite part is that you can buy refills for when you run out! the minimergency kit can be found at J. Crew if you don’t want to order online.

ruler tape. it’s rad.


I was recently helping a client decide between a wide full length mirror or a more slim to skinny full length mirror. The mirrors were almost identical in style and border, except for their width. I picked some of this ruler tape up from The Container Store and measured out both sizes on the closet wall so we could get a better idea of which one felt better in the space. Now you could also just use some painters tape and a ruler to do this but I liked not having to do all that extra work–plus this just looks cooler.


playlist for putting your stuff away

on the one hand, i’m super happy to have the house ALL TO MYSELF but on the other hand, ugh—the beau is in tokyo! oh well, i can feel one with him while putting my stuff away by listening to this weeks playlist. curated by my one and only, ‘ap’ aka ‘the beau.’

My playlist has an ’80′s movie montage theme– which is (admittedly) partially due to me being a diehard fan of these types of sequences. But ignoring my personal bias, a well-played montage will usually escort a character (or characters) from a low point to one of triumph– and the music that accompanies these moments is almost always fast-paced and encouraging. What better to get you to tackle challenges or chores that you’ve been putting off?

1. “One Foot In Front Of The Other” by Bone Symphony – The soundtrack to one (of many) standout moments from “Revenge of the Nerds,” this “can do” tune is what’s heard as Gilbert, Lewis and the gang turn a dilapidated fixer-upper into their dream home. The message is simple and clear: the road to triumph begins with one step.

2. “Number One” by Chas Jankel — From “Real Genius,” a near-to-my-heart personal fave. Try and listen to this one and not do something proactive. Go ahead. I challenge you.

3. “You’re The Best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito – Nothing like a little motivation by way of the Karate Kid soundtrack. This song plays over the final tournament montage– and anything that accompanies Daniel Larusso fighting his way to the winner’s circle should at the very least inspire me to fold some laundry.

july 6th playlist curated by AP

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playlist for putting your stuff away

well hello boys (aka led zeppelin)… i love your chalkboard aesthetic. while it wasn’t the inspiration for my website pic, i sure do appreciate your likemindedness.

so this weeks playlist comes all the way from NYC by way of my friend sean. he’s cool, he’s smart and he might just be the only lad who loves ‘back to the future’ more than my boyfriend. which makes sense because my beau and sean are besties. anywho, sean is visiting this week and since he lives and breathes music (he’s also a musician) i asked him to contribute to my brand new weekly playlist series. here are his spotify picks:

1. ’Tightrope’ Electric Light Orchestra; “A perfect introduction to any playlist

2. ‘Good Times Bad Times’ Led Zeppelin; “Because every playlist should include Led Zeppelin” (thank you Sean for bringing it to my attention that this linked track is a cover. apparently there are certain artists not on spotify yet… like Metallica, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin).

3. ’Honaloochie Boogie’ Mott the Hoople; “Few songs put me in a better mood

june 29th playlist on spotify curated by Sean

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new weekly post: (aka) playlist for putting your stuff away

new weekly series for you guys called…. playlist for putting your stuff away. we’ll post a new playlist every friday with a running time around 10-15 minutes. each week will be curated by someone different (aka not me). if you’d like to curate a playlist for Bneato’s everywhere, send me an email. let’s get busy putting our stuff away with the help of some 80′s artists…. shall we?!

june 22nd playlist on spotify curated by beth 

pivoting power strip

i feel like this power strip should come standard when you buy your home or rent your first apartment. it should also be the only option at the hardware / electric store as it easily replaces your standard power strips that have become obsolete with all the large chargers we are inundated with these days.

pivoting power strip: sharper image; $29.99 (all your plugs fitting… priceless)

sharper image steamer

i cannot believe that i’m just now getting around to telling you about my new steamer (i asked for it as a birthday gift—yes, only an organizer would ask for a professional garment steamer for their bday. as soon as i got it, i steamed everything within arms reach and i have to say, i’m in love. it even has a handy tool that even creases shirt sleeves! and for those times when i’m running behind in the morning, all i have to do is flip a switch and simply run the wand over my wrinkled clothes. i cannot recommend this product enough and i can’t wait to donate my iron!

Cannon Safe got Bneato’d

you guys are not gonna believe what i’ve been working on since March! okay, maybe you will but i keep pinching myself. Cannon Safe called me up right before my big u.s. tour and asked if i’d come out to their headquarters to talk shop (and all things safe). they are known for creating gun safes (and are maxed out with organizers for all things firearm). but they were looking to debut a new sort of safe that appealed to the organized family. so i literally got to rethink (and design) the interior of their safe. i also sourced out the job and had it built to our specifications. the only part i’m not responsible for are the black pockets on the bottom half of the door. not wild about them but hey, it’s a prototype and i’m sure things will change.

picture of the safe at Cannon on the day i delivered the interior. so satisfying to see the project come full circle.

my favorite part—the pull out floor! heavier items are a breeze to take out as you don’t have to reach in—as the floor comes to you!