Mock Headboard Makeover

A guest blog by Bneato team member Lauren Mang.

Happy New Year everyone! This new year has inspired me to check many things off my to-do list from 2012 that I never got around to (yes, we organizers are not perfect either). One of those items was to buy, make or create a mock headboard in my bedroom to liven up my large, plain, boring, white wall.

I’m currently renting and my landlady does not want me to paint the walls, so painting a headboard was not an option. I’m trying to save money so buying a headboard is out of the question. And all of the DIY projects on Pinterest seemed a bit daunting. I thought back to the medicine cabinet makeover I did a few months ago and remembered how much I loved the paper options available at Paper Source. *lightbulb moment*

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Bneato’s Top 10 House Rules

For the full list, click the pic!

If you have ever perused the Bneato Facebook Fan page, you know I’m a big fan of inspirational quotes. There’s just something about a great quote that can give a little incentive, courage and motivation when the tough gets going.

Recently, I decided to create a Bneato Document called ‘Top 10 House Rules.’ I rounded up my all- time-favorite quotes on organizing as a go-to list for your own home.

Here’s a link to the document so that you may print it out if you like and put it on your fridge or the office memo board. I hope it is as much fun to read (and follow) as it was to make!

Before and After: DIY-ing Our Office Closet


so we just moved—like halloween was our move-in day (i dressed up as a mover… bahdum tish!) and in this home, the beau and i decided to merge offices—well, at least office closets—the rest is open for a lengthy debate. but instead of bringing you into our quibble over sharing the office, i will let you in on the fun office closet that i maximized with leftover shelving from our old place…

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Medicine Cabinet Makeover

A guest blog post by Bneato team member Lauren Mang

I’m going to be honest, when I moved into my adorable little cottage I loved that everything had just been redone: new carpet, new tile in the bathroom, new cabinets, etc. The only thing that seemed ‘old’ was the creaky medicine cabinet with a rusty mirror, prominently displayed in the bathroom. It has always seemed like an eye-sore to me, but I had no idea how to make it look better. At least no one really goes into my medicine cabinet, I would rationalize.

I remember coming across a post on the Bneato Blog on making over your medicine cabinet using a decorative paper and some cork board. I thought it was genius – and a simple, affordable way to jazz up a tired cabinet! Continue reading

playlist for putting your stuff away

autolux is one of those bands that holds a special place in my heart. i listened to their album, ‘future perfect’ on repeat when i was training for the 2008 LB marathon. friends would see me night and day running around the silver lake reservoir with my infamous pink visor on. from the outside, it seemed like pure torture but it was those tried and true playlists that really got me through the training. so it’s no surprise that my friend and bandmate, heather, chose ‘turnstile blues’ as one of her cleaning go-to’s.

“I have to get super motivated to clean/put stuff away. Usually it’s when we are planning on having company…so one large iced latte and the perfect record give me the jump start I need. I like to start with a song I can sing a long to, here are the top 3 songs from three of the records that get me through the task.”

1. Turnstile Blues by Autolux, such a catchy great song that represents an awesome and fun record to begin my cleaning playlist with.

**unfortunately, this song is not on spotify (insert major sad face). instead, i’ve linked to one of their songs off of their album, ‘transit transit.’ do yourself a favor and listen to it here.

2. Mean Spirits by Silversun Pickups.  Their new record has been in heavy rotation and this song in particular gives me energy to power through.

3. No Future/No Past by Cloud Nothings is one of my favorite new records from this year. The repetitiveness of this song is so good to zone out to and reach the finish line…….make a cocktail, sit on the couch, and enjoy your clean and tidy space!

july 20th playlist curated by heather heywood

curtain help via twig & thistle

i wouldn’t say i’m a control freak in my house but i know that the beau would disagree… so i can totally relate to wanting to have a way to control your curtains if they tend to act up and move around on their own. kathleen over at twig and thistle (my new favorite spot for inspiration) had the ingenious idea to use teeny but bold magnets on her curtain rods. #whydidn’tithinkofthat?!









color coordinating books

i’ve always liked the idea of color coordinating books (i mean, we do it with our clothes). but with books, things can get tricky (like all of a sudden jane eyre is next to calculus just because their spines are blue). i find that color coordinating books works when it’s a smaller library and used less often for reference and more for display—hence organizing by color. i have also been known to cover a small lot of books with the same colored paper and then label the spines….


IKEA catalog inspiration

this week is a big ‘ole love letter to IKEA and there will be more tomorrow with my absolute favorite find from 2012′s catalog (it’s a good one–promise). today, i’m highlighting cool ways that IKEA repurposed their wares to make rooms more organized.

1. fintorp rail repurposed in the kitchen to hang pots and pans + some cooking tools. genius way to maximize that tiny pocket of space in the corner while keeping these unruly instruments accessible. fintorp rail comes in two sizes (the 2 pictured are $9.99 each).

ps; you can make an even longer fintorp rail by connecting 2 of them together using a bracket (oh heck yea).

2 + 3. i usually use hooks to hang coats + other items in the entryway but IKEA stylists put a spin on the old hook and hang a chair and a few violins. it’s a little whimsical and i like it. the catalog doesn’t point it out but i believe they’re using the bjarnum hook found here. it’s either that one or the one that folds up.

4. bless the designers for showing us another way to showcase shoes (affordably). fintorp rail makes an appearance again (this time, for only $7.99 each using the shorter rail).

5. i’m a huge fan of having a proper place to store in-between clothes (and i’m not talking about over the back of a chair or lumped on top of a piece of exercise equipment where nothing is searchable). the stylists step it up a notch and hang a grundtal rail in the closet area (with hooks) as a spot to hang clothes that aren’t quite dirty just yet but you may have worn them once in the past week).


another cool way to hang artwork

don’t get me started on how they’re storing rubber bands in a glass jar that only children could access. so as we’re ignoring that, let’s take a look at how pottery barn is displaying artwork–with wooden hooks (that look like they could be doorknobs). love this idea! i can also see glass doorknobs being used to hang artwork or interesting hooks that you want to show off. what do you think of this idea? love it or hate it?