Real Simple Magazine/The Container Store Offer

This is a great deal for people who love Real Simple Magazine and The Container Store! If you visit the website shown on the receipt ( and sign up for 10 issues of Real Simple for $20, they will send you a $10 gift card to The Container Store within a matter of days!

It’s a win-win situation!

Hurry, the offer only lasts until 10/14/12.

flash drive bracelet: password protected & encrypted. rad.

so i’m reporting to you from the official ‘no mess no stress organizing boot camp’ booth at NAPO 2012 conference in b’more, md. it’s been a heck of a ride and i’m looking forward to drinks with my rubbermaid crew later this eve. while i have had a hard time getting away from my booth to check out all the other great exhibitors, wanda, from golden age living stopped by to show off her wares. she happens to have created a password protected and encrypted flash drive that’s a bracelet, no less. you can order your fave color and give as a gift or keep for yourself (i know i would). i like this idea because flash drives are particularly small and happen to disappear quite easily. and who wants to wear a flash drive laniard? not me.

order, she wrote


my friend fay is a trifecta of awesomeness. she’s a professional organizer (that’s how i know here) but she is just as equally talented as a musician and actor (i know). she recently combined two of these talents to produce, write and act in; order, she wrote. fay is hilarious in this short with emily deschanel (of bones fame) co-starring. seriously. it’s a peek into the organizing world with a comedic spin. enjoy!

the cycles page (aka…. men, stay away)

i have not always had to keep track of my ” time of the month” and i can tell you that i’m pretty awful at keeping tabs on it. not only do i not look forward bloating and cramps, it’s nothing i want to note in my calendar. but just like anything else that comes due, if you forget about it, you’re IN TROUBS (as my friend alexis likes to say). so you can imagine my delight when a friend told me about The Cycles Page. it’s more or less for ladies who are looking to track their fertility cycle but guess what… it also tracks your monthlies. last month was the first month i used it and this past week, i got an email 3 days before… now that’s something to shout about.

**calendar via etsy from seller hillarybird

organizing boot camp; a before & after pic

this past saturday we held another organizing boot camp where participants ‘shred or go home.’ this particular class really nailed it and purged tons of old paperwork that had been weighing them down. one student, donna, really rocked my world with her before and after pic of her box of paperwork. she even labeled the pic for me with ‘before & after’—a gal after my own heart. i also recognized that someone with this type of photo skills and the smarts to take pics of her progress probably has a rad blog (and she does). donna waxes poetic on all things food—a subject i’m happy to take pointers on. for starters, she executes a mexican grilled corn side dish that i’ll be experimenting with once summer rolls around. until then, you might find me in south pasadena at pappa rich; donna swears by their warm buns filled with butter. buttahhhhh!! 

ps; our next paper organizing boot camp is saturday, may 7th. sign up to shred or go home!

link love

seonna hong art on view at subliminal projects until december 4th
how much did you love the extra hour of sleep on saturday?! i know i did… and i think it may have started a trend. i ended up going to bed at 10:30 last evening (i know) and getting up at 7 am today with the alarm (and felt completely rested). we’ll see if this routine sticks… in the blogosphere today;
  • closet cleanse project (days 5 & 6 found here)
  • if you send out holiday cards, get ‘em done this weekend. here are some uh-mazing cards to get you started  
  • my friend, ms abby waxes poetic about this past weekend and friday night rituals (just reading her posts are soothing)
  • plan a date with a friend or your significant other and check out the new art exhibition, pattern recognition (in echo park). we went saturday eve to the opening reception and the images were nothing short of grand. my favorite artist, seonna hong (rich colors, fantastical landscapes and lots of lines)! oh yeah, apartment therapy also did a house tour of seonna’s pasadena pad a while back (tons of modern inspiration).