scarf organizer

to be totally honest, my scarf collection consists of one scarf. i know. but i am fully aware that folks like to wear scarves and have beautiful collections. most of my clients are in the second category and have oodles upon oodles of scarves and effortlessly accessorize with playful patterns and prints. so this post is for all my clients that need a new spin on displaying scarves. what i like about this idea is that it’s sooooooooo easy. i mean, we’re talking a few turns of the wrist here.
all you need is some cup hooks and chain. i opted for the heavier chain (it already came in this fun yellow color). but you could spray paint to match your decor. you can buy chain by the foot from your local hardware store. just have them cut it to the length you would like.
you don’t even need to use a ruler or mark anything out. just pick a place and screw the cup hook in. i went with white cup hooks so they blend into the wall. but again, you could paint for a pop of color.
play around with the placement of the chains– here are six designs to get your creative juices flowing…
scarforganizer1and that’s it folks. we are DONE!
now just hang those beauties and we’re out!

Order in the Linen Closet, Part I

A guest post by Bneato team member Nicole Tenret

When I moved into my fantastic new place a few months ago, I implemented the “shove-everything-in-the-linen-closet-and-be-done” unpacking strategy. In a short amount of time I realized this wasn’t working.

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flash drive bracelet: password protected & encrypted. rad.

so i’m reporting to you from the official ‘no mess no stress organizing boot camp’ booth at NAPO 2012 conference in b’more, md. it’s been a heck of a ride and i’m looking forward to drinks with my rubbermaid crew later this eve. while i have had a hard time getting away from my booth to check out all the other great exhibitors, wanda, from golden age living stopped by to show off her wares. she happens to have created a password protected and encrypted flash drive that’s a bracelet, no less. you can order your fave color and give as a gift or keep for yourself (i know i would). i like this idea because flash drives are particularly small and happen to disappear quite easily. and who wants to wear a flash drive laniard? not me.

vanishing side table

greetings from vancouver! wanted to show you this radical side table that pretty much disappears and becomes one with the couch. my guess is that this side table was made for this particular couch but it has me wondering are there others out there that you can buy for your own couch?! the only caveat would be you’d need a couch with no arms but if you’re one of these furniture owners—rad!

custom vinyl organizers. rad.

i previously wrote about organizing my vinyl record collection using DIY tabs then typing up a table of contents and calling it an organized day. what’s that? you never saw that post? it was content from the monthly Bneato newsletter that you can sign up for by clicking that button in the top right corner. okay, enough self promotion. lets take a look-see at camp design groups spin on vinyl organizers. made of sleek, baltic plywood and coated with clear wax to deter splinters, they are made truly chic with modern typography. you need custom tabs? no problemo–camp design is more than happy to fill your special order.

the callet

there are times when i’d rather just carry my phone, debit card, cash and chapstick and be done with it. no purse, nothing to carry which is quite freeing for when i’m going to see a show or attend a big party or going for a run around the reservoir (my purse is such a drag at times like these). enter the callet (not a huge fan of the name but i see where they’re going). they have a few more colors on their website and what’s great is they have callets for blackberry and iPhone users. wish i had one for this new year’s eve…

i’m in love

form meets function with this pair of dutch designed entryway and bookcase organizers. my computer guy (who also happens to be organizationally sound) keeps me up to speed with all the trendy but oh-so-cool things happenings in the design world–especially when it involves a bookcase. the first set is from swen krause and penned the magnetique (stemming from the fact that it combines a metal sheet + magnetic boxes which can be positioned any which way you like). next up is an entryway organizer that skews modern but perfect for the house without a proper coat closet. i love the mirror for checking your mug before leaving the house and the chalkboard is great for quick notes and forget-me-nots.