scarf organizer

to be totally honest, my scarf collection consists of one scarf. i know. but i am fully aware that folks like to wear scarves and have beautiful collections. most of my clients are in the second category and have oodles upon oodles of scarves and effortlessly accessorize with playful patterns and prints. so this post is for all my clients that need a new spin on displaying scarves. what i like about this idea is that it’s sooooooooo easy. i mean, we’re talking a few turns of the wrist here.
all you need is some cup hooks and chain. i opted for the heavier chain (it already came in this fun yellow color). but you could spray paint to match your decor. you can buy chain by the foot from your local hardware store. just have them cut it to the length you would like.
you don’t even need to use a ruler or mark anything out. just pick a place and screw the cup hook in. i went with white cup hooks so they blend into the wall. but again, you could paint for a pop of color.
play around with the placement of the chains– here are six designs to get your creative juices flowing…
scarforganizer1and that’s it folks. we are DONE!
now just hang those beauties and we’re out!

Could You Live with 33 Items of Clothes for 3 Mos?

Article by Lauren: Bneato team member (reprinted from the February 2013 Bneato Newsletter)

Beth first brought Project 333 to my attention before the holidays and asked if I wanted to blog about it. I checked it out, and it intimidated me. The gist is, you pare down to thirty-three items of clothing (including outerwear like jackets, shoes, accessories and even jewelry; excluding under garments, PJs and workout gear) for three months. The woman who created the concept lists the items she chose and how living with less made her a convert. I’m by no means a fashionista, but I don’t like looking like I wear the same thing every few days. Plus I like to have variety of items, and even indulge in some trends (color, prints, etc.), which is difficult to do when you have a wardrobe consisting of 33 items. Typically most items are neutrals so they can be mixed and matched with as many options as possible.

When I realized I was moving I thought I’d take on an altered version of Project 333 and would cut down my wardrobe as much as possible, living with only what I needed for one month while my stuff went into storage. One of my immediate concerns was that I was starting a new job and knew I’d need some professional clothing. Luckily, I’m working at a start-up where most of the guys wear jeans and a button down flannel shirt or a hoodie. But that’s not me; and I am the client service rep. so I wanted to look professional. Having lived in NYC for many years I adopted the mantra ‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have’ and I guess that’s stuck with me even now that I’m in laid-back California.

It took two days of re-evaluating, but I was finally able to get my clothing down to 50 items. And that was a huge accomplishment considering I had already packed at least 4 large boxes of clothes and shoes. I included 2 coats, 2 suits, 4 dresses, 3 skirts, 8 sweaters, 7 work tops, 7 casual tops, 1 scarf/mitten/hat set, 2 dress pants, 4 casual pants, 2 leggings, 2 pairs of heels, 3 flats, 1 moccasin, and 2 pairs boots (uggs, and rain – which I didn’t want to bring but it was rainy when I was packing so I kept them out). I did not count jewelry, underwear/panty hose, workout clothes, or pjs – but I only brought what I needed of those).

Once I arrived to my temporary living situation and unpacked, I realized I could’ve done with less. I could’ve cut out at least one thing from each category and been totally fine. I was scared to live with less, but I think it would’ve made my life simpler – and my suitcase lighter! I’m now more open to the Project 333 challenge and think I might do it for real now that I’ve tested the waters. Something tells me this would be easier come summer time. I do enjoy living with less clutter in general, and while I always try to keep my clothes to a minimum, clearly I could be doing a better job! Project 333 has opened my eyes and I will look at the purchase of clothing a little differently now.

Day 12: 40 Bags in 40 Days

while i was home in SC, my mom had the urge to go through all of her shoes and purge in a major way (like 2 trash bags worth).

and even though she was ready to get rid of some shoes, i encouraged her to keep shoes she had worn within the last year. we also decided that if they didn’t make her (or her feet) feel good, they were out (no matter the cost she paid for them).

it’s true, during the organizing process, things get a little #craycray.

i scored these cool shoes that mom picked up from greece. they kill her feet — hopefully i’ll have better luck!!

since mom already had the perfect shoe containers, the final step was to label the lot. i really wanted her to have a shoe closet that would wow and amaze, so i took pics of all of her shoes on a white sheet for a crisp, clean and uniform look. then i uploaded them to instagram and ordered 2.5 x 2.5 prints through printstagram for $12.00!! once they arrive, all mom has to do is affix each pic with tape. can’t wait to see the ‘after.’

Days 8 & 9: 40 Bags in 40 Days

Reusable bags are definitely one of those categories that almost every home has umpteen too many. and since we’re on the subject, here are some tips we circulated last year at our resuable bag drive, Bags for Bneato.

1. For starters, take inventory. Once you have all the bags in front of you, it’s easy to let some go and keep your faves. You can donate the extras or give to a friend in need.

2. Now that you have whittled down the excess, try and stick to your new bag number limit. For instance, the next time someone offers you a reusable bag at an event–just say no.

3. And follow the one in, one out rule. If you find yourself admiring a reusable bag and want to purchase it, then you’ll have to make a decision and donate one from your current collection.

4. Next you’ll have to decide where to store the bags so you’ll actually remember to use them. We like theChico Bag because it folds up to fit in your purse (and they have a carabiner to attach to your keychain).

5. Another option is storing the bags close to your shopping list, that way, when you’re jotting down what you need from the store, you’ll remember to bring your reusable bag.

6. Keep a few in the car and if you need prompting, put a sticky note on the dash-board that says, “take reusable bags into store.”

7. Hooks in the entryway are a great place to keep and display your reusable bags and remember, once you’ve unpacked your groceries, return the bags to their home (whether it be the entryway, the front door knob or the car).

8. And reusable bags aren’t limited to carrying groceries. Use them for your take-out food, trips to Target and the mall!


Day 9 is courtesy of Lauren up in Napa. Her friend’s closet definitely got an overhaul and i’m glad they sent this pic to show us their progress!

day 4: 40 bags in 40 days


after working all day, i’m beat. i got nothing except that it feels so damn good to get rid of sh$%. #quoteme

today i let go of:

  • hole-y socks
  • tights with no elasticity
  • a t-shirt that i received for running my first and only marathon. i’ve tried to get rid of it for 5 years now but just couldn’t swing it—until today. (if i’m being totally honest, it wasn’t comfy and i was finally ready to let it go. i have the medal for running the race which is a much better representation of all my hard work).

Day 3: 40 Bags in 40 Days


Today, I got into the linen closet and went through all my plastic drawer units and purged:

  • expired meds
  • old nail polish and make-up that I never wear
  • anything that looked like it was from the last decade
  • tubes and bottles that were near empty
  • I ‘married’ any 2 like items that were both half empty
  • got rid of bulky packages

what did you get rid of today?!

The 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge

A guest blog by Bneato team member Lauren Mang

I first learned of the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge from Pinterest while browsing organization ideas (follow my Hyper Organized Board if you dare). If you haven’t already signed up for a Pinterest account, I highly recommend you do. It’s an amazing and essential tool for the paperless lifestyle!

Back to the challenge… My interest was peaked as soon as I realized it was a giant list of rooms/areas to purge. The 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge has been featured on a couple of different blogs, but I first learned of it on Little Lucy Lu’s page where she states ‘I love throwing things away like it’s nobody’s business. No, you don’t understand… I LOVE IT.’ Is this woman me?! Because I love it, too!

Here’s the breakdown: Rid your life/house of 40 bags of ‘stuff’ during the 40 days of Lent (which begins February 13, 2013 this year). This includes: junk, clutter, garbage, or things you no longer use or love. Bags do not have to mean great big giant garbage bags – they can be any kind of bag: ziplock bag, brown paper lunch bag, shopping bag, plastic bag, or even 95 gallon trash bags (yes, those exist). You can use the list above (from Little Lucy Lu) or you can create your own list according to your own needs. The point is, challenge yourself to really evaluate your items and make decisions of what you need and what you don’t.

Donate your bags to charity, or if you must, put them in the trash. Lent is traditionally a time when devote Catholics repent or fast. According to Wikipedia, today’s Catholics usually ‘give up a vice of theirs, add something that will bring them closer to God, and often give the time or money spent doing that to charitable purposes or organizations.’ It sounds like this challenge covers all three!

So take a page out of a Catholic’s book and give up clutter, give up junk, give up things you no longer love or use. At the end of 40 days you’ll have a better appreciation for the things you kept, and maybe even a small addiction to purging. Trust me, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. We can all learn to live with less… in a matter of only forty days.

*side note: if you read this post after February 13, 2013, feel free to still take on the challenge. You can tailor it to your needs: do 2-3 areas or bags a day, instead  There are no rules other than doing your best to rid yourself of clutter!

Inspired by Bneato

Lauren (Bneato team member) had a fab idea to start a series called, ‘Inspired by Bneato,’ when a friend sent her a picture of her organized closet after being inspired from one of our blog posts. I love the idea as it creates accountability around our goals and makes the task a little more fun when we share and are recognized. Please send in your photos and a quick blurb if you’ve been inspired by us to get your space organized (

Like most people, I tend to accumulate clutter on my dresser.  When I used to come home from work or being out, all my jewelry, old receipts, change, phone, etc. would make its way onto the top of my dresser.  For someone who does not like messes (but is most guilty of letting things get messy), this habit of mine gets me so frustrated.  Recently I was lucky enough to visit with one of my nearest and dearest friends, Lauren (who frequently guest blogs on I saw how amazing her place looked after all of the great organizational projects she had done–and my inner organizer (it’s in all of us!) rallied and I decided to bring some order back to my bedroom!

First, I decided to clear out a shelf in my cabinet, which was great as it forced me to get rid of some old clothes and things I was not using. Next I used lavender drawer-liner paper (purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond) to line the shelf.  Then I used various plastic, metal and acrylic baskets and containers to create separation between my different products and such. (the “metal drawer” is from BBB- recycled from College) 10 extra points? – the plastic and acrylic baskets are from the dollar store, and the earring holder is from Home Goods.  Before I knew it, all my lotions, perfumes, beauty products, receipts – EVERYTHING – had a place!

When I started this project, I did not realize what a big difference it would make, but my room definitely seems bigger now.  I now try and stick with the rule that every other day I need to hang up any jewelry that may accumulate in the free space.  It is great not having to worry if someone stops by there will be a mess to greet them as soon as they walk into my room. For less than 20 dollars and a little bit of time, I have an organized system that works! Thanks Lauren and Bneato for the inspiration! Hmmm, now what can I organize next…

–thanks Deepa Mehta!!

Wrapping Paper Organization Ideas

A guest blog by Bneato team member Lauren Mang

As you may already know (based on my previous blog), I have nearly all my Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers purchased. What’s left to do? WRAPPING IT ALL! I have limited space in my cottage, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find a creative and flattering way to store my wrapping paper, ribbons/bows, tissue and bags. Bonus: it’s good for gifts all year round, but especially helpful during this time of the year. I’ve found four great options, ranging in price, that I wanted to share.


1. This is a very simplified way to organize your wrapping needs on the back of a closet door. You only need a few products: three door eye hooks, two bungee cords, four screws, and two clear, plastic baskets (there are many options for the basket: one, two and three). You’ll screw the plastic baskets onto the door in two places and then screw in the door eye hooks and attach the bungee cords around the wrapping paper. It appears you can get up to four rolls in each plastic basket.

2. This is another simple way to organize your wrapping needs, but looks more streamlined. You can find all the products from IKEA: rail, clipss hooks, and a basket.


Re-purpose this over-the-door pantry organizer into a wrapping station. You’ll remove one or two of the sections so you can get the tall wrapping paper in there and will likely need to secure them with a bungee cord or string. Other sites may have similar pantry organizers for various prices.


Or if you want to pay a little more (remember you can use this ALL year for your wrapping needs and not just at the holidays), I really like this option from The Container Store. This Elfa option includes several components that you can buy separately (click on ‘component list’) to create this look.

I find I’m much more productive (and happy) when I’m organized. Now all that’s left is perfecting those wrapping skills!