day 4: 40 bags in 40 days


after working all day, i’m beat. i got nothing except that it feels so damn good to get rid of sh$%. #quoteme

today i let go of:

  • hole-y socks
  • tights with no elasticity
  • a t-shirt that i received for running my first and only marathon. i’ve tried to get rid of it for 5 years now but just couldn’t swing it—until today. (if i’m being totally honest, it wasn’t comfy and i was finally ready to let it go. i have the medal for running the race which is a much better representation of all my hard work).

Day 3: 40 Bags in 40 Days


Today, I got into the linen closet and went through all my plastic drawer units and purged:

  • expired meds
  • old nail polish and make-up that I never wear
  • anything that looked like it was from the last decade
  • tubes and bottles that were near empty
  • I ‘married’ any 2 like items that were both half empty
  • got rid of bulky packages

what did you get rid of today?!

Day 2: 40 Bags in 40 Days

Yesterday, I scanned in paperwork that has been sitting around in the office for a week or so (the beau’s medical records and vet paperwork). which was actually quite interesting as I discovered that the beau’s dog’s original name from the shelter was ‘Parker.’ He goes by ‘Mayor’ now and I would have never had that peek into his past had I not gotten rid of old paperwork.

Today’s toss centers around gift bags. You may also have something similar in your home (takeaways from conferences attended, free gift sets from the make-up counter, etc.) These are things we didn’t buy but for some reason, because they were free, we feel the need to hold onto. We think we should use them or want to use them but they just end up being clutter because we tend to use the things we like (and paid for).

So I went through my recent grab bag of freebies from the 7th Annual Organizing Awards and donated lots of office supplies that I would never use.

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Playlist for putting your stuff away

Grace is one of those friends that you want at every gathering. She is ridiculously funny, has the interviewing skills of a ninja, and always has the best stories. Her instagram feed is pretty priceless; killer cute pics of her 2 huskies (adorbs). So without further ado, I’m going to let Grace crack you up with her playlist for today. #getreadytolaugh

When it comes to doing chores, my mind’s telling me NOOoooOOoooOO! But my boooody’s saying YES! Well, actually not really. But sometimes we all need that pep talk to get motivated. While some people rely on guilty pleasure pop songs, let me just hip you to a little secret: R Kelly is The Business to Get Your Shit Organized. Let DJ Wayne Williams slide you into a cleaning stupor with some smooth grooves; and then come back and tell me if that wasn’t the most productive fifteen-twenty minutes of your week.

Step to the Left, Step to the Right, Spin Around and Bring it Down Tonight Happy People – Seriously, have you seen this video? If not, it’s amazing, especially with the Kells wearing a floor-length button down shirt. IT’S FLOOR LENGTH. With side slits. I know, your mind must be blown. But this song is the perfect gateway to get you stepping and excellent to listen to while ripping through piles of junk mail and throwing out old magazines.

Toot Toot Beep Beep Ignition Remix – This jam is a classic, and there’s even a shout out to Angela Lansbury. Not only will this song make you want to sip on some coke and rum and acknowledge that it’s the freakin’ weekend, but it’s particularly effective when you’re doing the dishes or folding laundry.

It’s the Pied Piper of R&B Y’All Step in the Name of Love – Ready for some REAL TALK? This is R Kelly’s musical calling card right here, so…what to do when you’re stepping to this song? How about trapping yourself in the closet and remixing your fall wardrobe?

Friday, November 30th playlist curated by Grace 

playlist for putting your stuff away

I was introduced to Courtney by my beau—they studied at AFI together back in the day and lucky for me, still kept in touch. My gal pals fell hard for Courtney and even more so after she directed my girl band in this rad video. But nothing beats face time with her during our weekly Big Brother Fantasy meet-ups at her cozy pad where we all wax poetic on things like HOH and what Julie Chen’s hair is up to!

I’m going to go with the ladies on these picks.  To get in cleaning mode I need upbeat songs that make me want to move and let’s be real, great female singers do it right.  Plus, when I’m singing these dangerously high-pitched songs alone in my house I get the totally absurd idea that maybe, just maybe, I CAN do one of these at karaoke next time…and that makes me happy…until I actually do it.

1. “Feeling Without Touching” – Glass Candy—You cannot listen to this song and not want to shimmy your hips…so you might as well do it while wielding a feather duster.

2. “Give Him a Great Big Kiss” – The Shangri-Las—“You best believe I’m in love…L-U-V.”  Luv it…feels like I have friends over gossiping with me while I’m cleaning.

3. “Barracuda” – Heart—I can do just about anything with Heart as my soundtrack…maybe even attack that ever growing stack of unread magazines.

august 31st playlist curated by courtney

playlist for putting your stuff away

the beau and i were catching up on an episode of ‘unsung‘ this past week. if you haven’t had the opportunity to check this show out—you must. from their wiki page they describe it as this,

“the series uncovers the stories behind once well-known R&B and soul music artists, bands or groups who exploded onto the Billboard music charts with a string of hits, only to have their career derailed by a major crisis that cause them to be essentially unappreciated by later generations of general Contemporary R&B listeners. Subjects profiled also include acts who were major and influential in the prime of their career, but a change in the interest of the music industry towards the act caused a steep decline in success.”

anywho, this past week’s unsung group was arrested development. how could i have forgotten about arrested development?!! and if they fell off the map for me, i’m guessing you forgot about their existence too. so i took it upon myself to put together a little playlist of songs you probably forgot about but that you probably enjoyed way-back-when.

1. Arrested Development, ‘Tennessee’;

2. P.M Dawn, ‘Set Adrift on Memory Bliss’

3. Rusted Root, ‘Send Me On My Way’

august 17th playlist curated by Beth Z (aka Bneato)

playlist for putting your stuff away

This weeks playlist is from my friend Melissa. She’s one of those gals that picks up new tasks and makes them seem effortless–and she’s witty as heck to boot. her newest foray into drumming is solid and lucky for me, we’re also bandmates (her regular gig is playing bass). and i always look forward to shows when in between songs, she always has something interesting to say. Needless to say, I’m a big ‘ole fan of Melissa’s and she scored major points when she decided to get married this October… in VEGAS. Yea, she’s pretty cool.

“When it comes to making a playlist for cleaning the house, I know that some people tend to indulge in snappy pop songs or what have you. I just can’t get into that. But fear not – even if your tastes skew a little darker, you still have upbeat options!”

1. Rob Zombie – “Living Dead Girl” You have to have something loud and obnoxious to get you going. If I put on something too relaxing or mellow, or even something that’s attention-grabbing because it’s musically or lyrically complex or involving, I find that I’ll just want to sit down, put my feet up and listen. Rob Zombie is my idea of “house cleaning music.” I’ve heard him described as “disco metal,” which I think was intended as an insult, but I actually love how comically ghoulish his music is.

2. Nicki Minaj – “Did It On ‘Em”

You’ve been cleaning for a while, and you’re totally owning it, right?! You’ve purged like 20 items from your closet, or you’re scrubbing the hell out of your tub, or you actually threw out that stack of magazines – whatever. You’re feeling victorious and it’s time to “put your number twos in the air” and reward yourself with a little Nicki Minaj. I love Nicki because she’s fun and I actually think she’s super subversive and feminist, because her rapping is just as boastful as any dude’s but she’s so over-the-top girlie that it borders on parody. This song is one of the best for cleaning because the rhymes are dirty. Put it on and scrub your toilet, yo!

3. Cocteau Twins – “Musette and Drums”

Not too long ago, I discovered that I love two things, especially in conjunction with one another: Espresso and the Cocteau Twins. If you need an extra “kick” to get going on your cleaning/organizing tasks, I recommend throwing back a double shot of espresso and putting on the Cocteau Twins’ second album, Head Over Heels. You’ll feel like you’re cleaning on a CLOUD in OUTER SPACE with RAINBOWS SHOOTING OUT OF YOUR FINGERS!!! Okay, maybe I need to cool it on the caffeine, but I still think this is the perfect song to wrap it up. Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals are powerful and disorienting (like, What is she saying? Is she singing in English?) and Robin Guthrie’s guitar work is the best. Usually I’m very bass and/or drum-oriented, but there is a guitar solo toward the end of this song that sounds like a spaceship lifting off, and even I’m like, “Whoa. This dude can play.”

August 10th playlist curated by Melissa P.

playlist for putting your stuff away

you know when you have a friend in your life that your lucky enough to get by chance (meaning your boyfriend’s best-friend ends up becoming your best friend too). that’s what ms. anne has become for me. we love all the same ridiculous tv shows and discuss big brother house strategy ad nauseam  (yes, we are big ole nerds). anne also made me one of my favorite southern treats for my birthday back in april–pimento cheese–therefore cementing a place in my heart forever:) so without further ado, anne’s friday playlist for putting your stuff away. ENJOY!!

“When the lovely Beth asked me to contribute a playlist, I immediately thought of the song “Whistle While You Work” from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”. The message of that song is simple, but straightforward: Whistle while you work and soon it won’t feel like work anymore! Here’s a list of my favorite whistle-based tunes, sure to keep you cheery while you’re doing your chores.”

1. “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes – Home is happy and campy and fun. I love how the band seems like they’re having a great time singing it, which makes me enjoy whatever it is I’m doing when I hear it.

2. “The Stranger” by Billy Joel – I love this tune so much. It’s bookended with slow, sad, almost contemplative whistles, but the middle is very funky, very jazzy. This is a song that you can dance AND whistle to while you’re getting your work done.

3. “Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding – No “whistle while you work” song list is complete without this incomparable classic. This is the perfect song to end your cleanup with – its lyrics evoke images of a lazy day doing nothing, which is what you can treat yourself to as soon as your job is done!

**BONUS TRACK: “The River Kwai March/Colonel Bogey March” by Malcom Arnold – This is a song whistled by POW’s in the classic film “Bridge on the River Kwai”. There’s something defiant and optimistic about it, and whistling it makes me feel determined to succeed…even if the success is just putting away my clean dishes.

july 27th playlist curated by anne madariaga

playlist for putting your stuff away

i know everyone is hatin’ on this humid weather but i kinda love it. it’s muggy and all drizzly and it reminds me of SC summers. now if we could just get some thunder and lightening up in here, i’d be set! anywho, i hope you guys have some fun plans this weekend but don’t forget to leave 15 minutes to put your stuff away. use abby’s playlist to get you in the mood–it’s pretty darn upbeat and i’m so stoked that she agreed to contribute. get curious about abby and mosey over to her blog. she’s also an in-house writer for apartment therapy, los angeles (major street cred). when she’s not wowing us with the top posts of the week, she’s waxing poetic on just about anything you can imagine!

“When Beth asked me to curate a playlist, my first feeling was: It’s summer!  Cleaning?  Really?  Not what I feel like doing.  What I do I feel like doing:  playing in the garden, splashing in the pool, reading in the sun, napping on the beach, jumping on a plane, or mixing up a pitcherful of drinks to share with friends.  My mood is fun and silly and I want my playlist to be equally breezy, perhaps even slightly cheesy, and as sparkling new as I’d love my house to feel. These songs are danceable and light with room for hamming it up, tapping your inner rock star and jumping around. Oh, and cleaning.”  

1. Let’s Go by Matt & Kim — This tune from the Brooklyn-based duos latest album is catchy with plenty of “oohs” so you can sing along even if you don’t know the words.

2. On The Road by Keane — You can’t help but jump around to this poppy tune.  Take a moment to listen to the lyrics; there’s an uplifting message that is empowering, even without the contagious beat.

3. The Only Place by Best Coast — This one reminds me of The GoGos, the girl verison of a Califonia beach band, and being young and bikini’d and golden and carefree.  And it celebrates my adopted state, a nice bonus.

4. We Found Love In A Lonely Place by Rihanna — You have to end on a big dramatic flourish and this Rihanna song is that.  Corny and cheesy and perfect for practicing your vocals.  That this is from the soundtrack to Magic Mike doesn’t hurt.

july 13th playlist curated by Abby

got a playlist you’d love to share? email it to ( to have your picks posted and help folks put their stuff away one playlist at a time!

car essential: moist wipes

one of my secret weapons for keeping the car neat and clean are wet wipes. they are perfect for repelling dust and dirt on the console + dash and since we angelinos practically live out of our cars, wet wipes tend to be life savors for just about any mishap. so when i spotted this luxurious trio of wipes over on motif, i had to share. at $1.99/pack, it will be easy to save the day in style. look for them at target or get them shipped to your front door.