Contact Us to have an Organizing Boot Camp scheduled for your office this Holiday Season!

Organizing Boot Camp is for folks who…

• can’t seem to find time to organize themselves
• need accountability to get filing done
• enjoy the support of working in a group atmosphere
• don’t have the budget for a Professional Organizer
• seek a better understanding of filing paperwork

What to bring…

• piles of unsorted mail
• the paperwork on top of your desk
• archive files that need to be purged
• active mail that needs a system

Organizing Boot Camp is affordable…

• rates vary for size of group
• supplies include bankers box, files (and more)
• supplies available in class: shredders, label makers
• you’ll learn tips from the pros and the opportunity to apply what you learn in class
• cost of a Professional Organizer to come to your home for 90 minutes = upwards of $200