bneato-ing the offices of 826LA



if you live in echo park, you’ve probably seen the storefront of 826LA (the most notable window from my memory is the caveman and the robot). inside, they sell books, tees, and vintage time travel posters (love) all in support for what really goes on inside. a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to helping kids with their creating writing skills. even teachers get some love as they are encouraged to inspire students (and who doesn’t love an awesome teacher)?! but as i mentioned before, 826LA is a non-profit (which means little to zero budget for a professional organizer). as luck would have it, a gal by the name of whitney alexander is a volunteer at 826LA and she also happens to read the bneato blog. whitney put me in touch with Marisa Urrutia Gedney (head of programs and volunteers) who brought me on board to bring a little bit o’ bneato into their lives….

BEFORE; we ended up moving/getting rid of all of these filing cabinets


it took about 5 hours but we accomplished tons! after sorting and categorizing all of the office supplies, we containerized and labeled just about everything. my 2 goals for the day were to unblock the wall shelving and to store supplies so they would be super accessible. mission accomplished. we even ended up getting rid of 2 huge filing cabinets (which freed up more space) and relocated the other 2 filing cabinets in the office to keep the area open. i just want to say that i had a great time helping 826LA create a more efficient office space and a huge shout out to all that helped out!

Kristin! Shannon! Zoe! Marisa! Rachel! Corey! Victor! Jonah!

4 thoughts on “bneato-ing the offices of 826LA

  1. Beth–Thanks again for a really productive afternoon! It looks great and we appreciate all your help so much.

  2. Beth, it was so great to meet you! Thank you for helping us with this (huge!) project.

  3. This is great! What did you do with all of the files that were in the filing cabinet? Did you file them into the white banker’s boxes?

  4. Actually, the filing cabinets were housing all of the different types of printing paper and various electronics. We whittled it down by donating and e-recycling the rest!

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