Before and After: DIY-ing Our Office Closet


so we just moved—like halloween was our move-in day (i dressed up as a mover… bahdum tish!) and in this home, the beau and i decided to merge offices—well, at least office closets—the rest is open for a lengthy debate. but instead of bringing you into our quibble over sharing the office, i will let you in on the fun office closet that i maximized with leftover shelving from our old place…

2 wall brackets placed at the same height so that the shelves will be level (super important)

since i was using left-over black shelving from the office in our old place, i bought extra black office supplies so that everything would blend seamlessly. i also decided pick up some martha stewart labels and used a fun font to make the space more than the average office closet. i did have a few white binders and magazine files and grouped those together on the built in white shelf so that visually, everything matches.

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