before & after: banana republic oxfords


i spied these shoes around this time last year (methinks) when i was shopping at glendale galleria. a few weeks later i spotted them again when i went into the banana republic at the beverly center. i decided that since they were still on my mind, it was fate and decided to buy them… only to take them up to the cash register and minutes later decide not to purchase them. why the cold feet? (no pun intended). because these oxfords are made of a super thin material and since i planned on using them as work shoes, i knew they would get torn within a few wears. and since they were still full price, my pragmatic side won out and i left them sitting on the counter (insert major sad face). BUT then… i saw them again a few weeks later at another banana republic at The Grove AND they were on SALE!!!!! i could overlook the material for shoes on sale!! so i purchased them… and within a month, i had already torn a hole in the front of both shoes. the shoes sat on my closet floor for about 3 months when i finally decided to call in the help of a shoe cobbler. but not just any shoe cobbler—i called Pasquale’s and luckily was referred to Maria by my a friend who is a costume designer. i begged Maria to bring my oxfords back to life with the help of some leather and boy did she. let’s take a look of the ‘after,’ shall we?!

sending Maria mad virtual high-fives as they turned out better than i could have ever expected. AND they look even cooler than the originals, no?! oui!!

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