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to be totally honest, my scarf collection consists of one scarf. i know. but i am fully aware that folks like to wear scarves and have beautiful collections. most of my clients are in the second category and have oodles upon oodles of scarves and effortlessly accessorize with playful patterns and prints. so this post is for all my clients that need a new spin on displaying scarves. what i like about this idea is that it’s sooooooooo easy. i mean, we’re talking a few turns of the wrist here.
all you need is some cup hooks and chain. i opted for the heavier chain (it already came in this fun yellow color). but you could spray paint to match your decor. you can buy chain by the foot from your local hardware store. just have them cut it to the length you would like.
you don’t even need to use a ruler or mark anything out. just pick a place and screw the cup hook in. i went with white cup hooks so they blend into the wall. but again, you could paint for a pop of color.
play around with the placement of the chains– here are six designs to get your creative juices flowing…
scarforganizer1and that’s it folks. we are DONE!
now just hang those beauties and we’re out!

Back to Basics: Going Vertical

By Melody Mesick


Meet my cabinet. This cabinet was such a problem area because there was so much unused space and it was impossible to see what food items were swimming at the bottom! SO to fix this appalling problem, I applied one of the most basic organizing rules: ALWAYS go vertical!

after_cabinetBy adding these free standing shelves from IKEA to this cabinet space, I tripled the storage space! Look at all that extra room!!

So if you have a big cabinet, shelf or nook that needs some space maximization, here are a few products that can create your very own “before” and “after.”


1. Under Shelf Basket – Tall shelf spaces can leave a huge portion of a cabinet unused! These under-shelf baskets are great for pantries, linen closets, cabinets, etc.


2. Stacking Shelves – Adding some stacking shelving in a large cabinet can help maximize the space if you’re storing smaller items.


3. Stacking Bins - These kinds of stacking bins are great for pantries and under-sink storage. I love that you can stack as tall or short as you need and can see every item inside!


4. Stacking Baskets -  Certain types of baskets and boxes stack so nice and neat. I like these because they’re sturdy and you can see what’s inside. Perfect for any storage space!

What cabinet or shelf are you going vertical in? Share below!

On Your Walls, Off Your Counters

Tricks for clearing

The other day I was sitting with Beth in her office, and she pointed out her handy, dandy wall filers. She mentioned how she always suggested clients to get files off of valuable desk space and up on the wall. That’s when a lightbulb went off! How many items  in my home are taking up prime counter/desktop real-estate unnecessarily?

When I went home, I realized that I have a toaster oven that takes a HUGE amount of space on my counter, but (here’s the kicker) I don’t eat toast! Granted, I can’t very well mount my toaster on the wall (well, not easily at least), but this spurred my interest in what else I can clear away to unveil a clear surface. Here’s what I found!


To start, let’s talk about those wall-mounted filers! Beth collaborated with the lovely, Emily Henderson for this fresh looking office set-up. See how to create your own, HEREhr_shelf-mounted-paper-towel-holder

If your kitchen is feeling a little crammed, consider taking the paper towel roll up off the counter. You can get this under-shelf paper towel hanger HERE.

tr-postal-mur1hIf mail hangs out on your kitchen counter or desk for too long, consider this: The Tri-mail wall organizer.


Installing a few hooks by your front door can do wonders for your surfaces!

Adding a magnetic knife rack is a way to get that knife rack off the counter.

Have you heard the news?? Pegboards are all the rage. Putting fruit baskets on them, now that’s just genius!

5 Things You Need in Your Pantry RIGHT NOW

This cabinet in my kitchen is to the right of my stove. In it, I keep vinegar, oil and cooking spray. There were also some mismatched bowls that I hid because they’re an eyesore and baking supplies. Lately, things were feeling a little crammed so I decided to de-clutter and make new.

1. Food storage containers I picked up a few more storage containers and it’s amazing how much better it looks. Things are easy to find and I can see at a glance what I have. Just make sure to LABEL!!!
2. Shelf Riser I repurposed my shelf riser to store pantry extras and to give the bottom shelf a little more breathing room. I relocated the mismatched bowls to a corner cabinet (which now makes way more sense).
3. Lazy Susan In a small cabinet like this, a lazy susan is magic. MAGIC PEOPLE.
4. Clear Handle Bin This stores my cooking oils which were too tall for the lazy susan and utilized the ‘like with like’ organizing principle. I can pull down the entire container and get out what I need.
5. Label the heck out of EVERYTHING.

How to Organize your DVDs

By Melody Mesick
DVD_beforeDVDs are soon to be ancient devices, and I’m thrilled about it! I know, I know, change is hard. Now that everything’s digital (hello! Netflix, Hulu, On Demand!), what on EARTH do you do with those DVDs you collected over the years?

For me, I’m simply not ready to part with all my DVDs. I have downsized quite a bit and have consolidated my collection into leather disk organizers, but there are some DVDs that I keep in their case. Even though I’m not ready to part with them, I AM ready to get rid of the  messy and mismatched look they give my entertainment console! I always gravitate towards a streamlined minimalist look, so here’s how I organized my DVDs in style!

DVD storage_2

I split my DVDs into genres and put them in these black IKEA boxes. I chose black because I like how the boxes blend in with my shelving unit, creating a really simplistic look.

DocumentariesI labeled each box with the genre name. I also have one black leather disk organizer that sits on top of one of the boxes. It also blends right in, and saves a ton of space!

AFTERpicAnd that’s all! I know exactly where all my DVDs are and can access them really quickly. Not to mention the simple look of the shelf is SO much better! Do you have a special way to organize and store your DVD collection? Share your ideas below!

5 Household Items that Double as Organizers

By Melody Mesick

Featured Image_repurposed

I am the queen of trying to find second lives for everyday items. When I can repurpose, reuse, recycle, or revive something, I feel like a secret agent that just discovered the kidnapper’s location. Here are 5 items that I personally have repurposed as organizing helpers. The best part? Most people already have ALL FIVE of these in their home. Do you do any of these? Tell us below!!

nonslip hangers

Photo Source

1. Rubberbands - Those dresses or shirts that just won’t stay on the hanger… They’re constantly falling to their death and end up wrinkled in a ball on the floor of your closet. It drives me crazy!! It’s all because of those slippery hangers.

Sure, you could run out to the store and buy a bunch of non-slip velvet hangers (which are pretty amazing), but if you need an instant fix, add some rubber bands to either side, and you’ve created your very own DIY non-slip hanger.


Photo Source

2. Extra Pans – I have a whole bunch of pans that I don’t use unless it’s holiday season and I’m feeling all Martha Stewarty. So on the off season, I use my extra loaf pan for grouping small kitchen items together in the pantry. It’s a great way to store them, and I just empty out the contents when I need to use it.

Checks Box

3. Checks Boxes – Whenever I order a new pack of checks, I can’t wait until they arrive! Not because I care to have checks, but because I love the boxes they come in! I know, I know, it’s kind of nerdy to get excited about boxes, but I simply love their organizing capabilities. Take off the lid, flip it over, and you’ve got a handy dandy drawer divider to catch small items like paperclips, pens or post-its.


4. Coffee Beans - Using coffee beans in a vase or glass is a great way to keep those makeup brushes from falling over and getting dirty. So run over to your kitchen, grab your tools and get those brushes spick-and-span!

Keeping cords tidy

Photo Source

5. Binder Clips - I think I’ve probably spend 1 million hours of my life fishing my phone charger off the ground. Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I’m so glad I figured out that binder clips are a quick fix for keeping them conveniently at your finger tips.

3 Simple Steps To Do BEFORE You Start Organizing

by Melody Mesick


Finding the incentive to tackle that jam-packed closet or address the pile of papers tumbling off the desk is difficult for even the most ambitious of individuals. Why? Because it can feel so overwhelming!

For many, organizing seems to remain on the “to-do” list rather than the “done” list because the time commitment to complete it prevents us from beginning at all.  We think, “I don’t have time!” or “I don’t know where to even begin.” We’ve quit before even starting.

How can you take your organizing project from overwhelming to attainable? Here are 3 simple steps or approaches to consider before you even begin, so that when you do, you feel in control, motivated, and efficient.

1. Prioritize - Most of the time, you simply don’t have enough hours in the day to complete an organizing project from beginning to end. So identifying which areas to focus on first can really alleviate the pressure. A great rule of thumb is to address the visible clutter first. Instead of starting with a hidden desk drawer, begin sorting the clutter on top of the desk. If you can see your progress early on, you’ll feel more encouraged to continue working.

2. Clear Space – When you are sorting items, it’s super helpful to have a space to group like-items together outside of their long-term home. So clear off a counter, a bed or even some floor space to designate for category groupings as you go. You can use hampers or boxes that are labeled things like “toss,” “donate,” “storage,” or even more specific item groups, like “office supplies,” “Joe’s sports gear,” etc.

3. Time It – An organizing project may need 10 hours to complete, but instead of waiting until you have 10 hours to spare, start small. Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes and try to get as much done in that allotted time. You may actually gain some momentum and go well beyond your time frame. Whether if you complete 10 or 20-minutes of work, these regular “power sessions” will really add up.

Featured Image: photo source

Organizing Posts for Emily Henderson

i got to experience Emily Henderson’s designing prowess when i attended a baby shower in a home she had just finished designing. it was one of those homes where your mouth just stays open. at every turn i was ohhhing and ahhing at all the wonderful design choices. after that, i was like, okay. i got to get some of her style into my home. so of course i immediately followed her on IG, twitter and the like–where i then spotted that she was looking for a collaborator and contributor for her blog to do some organizing content. sign me up!!! turns out, we had friends in common and it was a match made in project heaven.

so below, i give you two of my first organizing posts for Emily. the first one is wood jewelry blocks which are so freaking simple to make. in my first brainstorm, they actually started off as something completely different (which i may still try and make for the heck of it). Emily wanted something lighter and a little more minimal which turned out really great.


this second DIY which is featured in this months Redbook Magazine is my all-time favorite organizing tool for active paperwork–the clear wall pocket. i always have left them plain and used fun file folders to make them attractive but Emily suggested we take it up a notch and go all out with our own design. I did some research and found some neat patterns and went with a minimal color scheme that has a big impact.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.19.36 AM

we have some other really cool organizing projects coming up–so excited to share them over the next few months!!

the easiest part of the wedding planning thus far… minted.


you guys. i got engaged. it happened the first weekend in november in santa barbara at el capitan canyon. it was definitely one of THE BEST weekends of my life and i could not be happier. one would think (since i’m an organizer) that i would be stoked to plan a wedding. THINK AGAIN. i had never allowed myself to even look at wedding related stuff because i just didn’t know if getting married was in the cards for me. i have mixed feelings on the way to plan a wedding but i will tell you, it’s complicated and a HUGE time suck. the internet is a black hole in which you will easily waste 3 hours a day looking at dresses, party favors, decor, lighting, etc. it’s all too much. seriously. i’m a gal who likes less options–that way i can easily make my decision and move on. in wedding world, it’s a little harder because there are about a billion options for every facet of wedding planning. i even instituted a policy of no wedding magazines. but then my friend Grace brought over the Martha Steward edition of ‘Real Weddings’ which i read through, bookmarking one resource to check out. it was an ad for wedding invitations from a company called minted.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 12.13.56 PM

you know when you find something and you get this feeling that you can just stop looking. like nothing else is going to top it and there is peace with the decision. that’s how i felt when i found minted. my favorite part is the fact that you can order samples for $1 each (i stocked up and ordered 25 sample invites in alternating paper types and styles). they also have free a free sample kit that you can order but i’m super particular and wanted to see my faves up close and personal. now that i have them in front of me, the decision making process is even easier. there are also so many ways to make each wedding card suite personal and customize it for your style. you can change the shape of the card, the back of the card, the color of the card and more– so it’s unlikely that anyone would have the same invitation.

initially, i was thinking of not sending save-the-date cards but i kinda love the fact that each card style has a whole wedding suite. from the save-the-date to the formal invites to the thank you cards–they all go together. now that speaks to the organizer in me! the icing on the cake (no pun intended) is the designers are indie folks that are picked by the minted community. their aesthetic really speaks to my style which i want incorporated in the wedding–so it really feels like a great match. // they just rolled out their 2014 wedding collection + they have lots more besides wedding invites!

let’s catch up!

blog: a Web site on which an individual or group of users produces an ongoing narrative.

yea, i would say that this blog hasn’t been much of an ongoing narrative this last half of 2013. someone even emailed me recently to find out where the monthly newsletters have run off to. aw man. can i blame my lack of writing & posting on instagram? i got a new iPhone this time last year (first ever) and it seems that my updates have been hijacked by my IG feed (evident by these pics)! oh if it were only that simple:) since it’s been a while, let’s catch up and see where we go from here!

  • i started blogging for My Well Being (powered by Humana) this summer. so far, there are 2 posts up and more in the pipeline. Humana is a private health care provider and their blog, My Well Being is an online community that helps you live your life focused on health and well-being. the content is stellar and i’m super excited to be a part of their team. check out the recent 30 day get moving challenge and of course, my posts on organizing.
  • pretty soon, you’ll be seeing some organizing ideas of mine up on Emily Henderson’s blog. for those of you not in the know–she won Design Star and has quite the following. i’ll be sure to keep you posted but just in case, it never hurts to check the Bneato FB fan page for daily updates.
  • HFE videos. they are still in the works #pinkyswear
  • Bneato newsletter. up until this summer, they came out every month. i loved putting them together but it’s taken a seat on the back burner as the blogging for others has been added to the mix. i think it’s going to start being a quarterly thing. sign up here so you won’t miss out! **we moved from Constant Contact to Mail Chimp this Summer. contacts WERE NOT transferred over so if you want to re-sign up, you can do so here. new sign-ups get a super nifty organizing the bathroom webinar that is really good. #pattingmyselfontheback
  • we’ve added 3 new services to the website: Email De-Cluttering // Going Paperless // Schedule an Organizing Boot Camp for your staff or office (self-explanatory, i think, but call or email me for a consultation).
  • other than that, been working on some pretty killer stuff that i CANNOT wait to talk about publicly. until then, enjoy some of my favorite recent IG photos. looking forward to positing more over here in 2013!